Apex to Zenith Newsletter
Issue #55
Fourth Quarter 2001

Articles Online

Additional Articles
  • 50 Completers - James "Doc" Reilly/Mitch Seldon
  • 48 Completers - Gary Iverson
  • Columns  - Jack Longacre (his guru cartoon notes, "NO! I don't have a website!!!"
  • Photos - License Plates - "MTNDOGS"; "MTN TOY"; "H1LL"
  • Results of Highpointers Foundation Survey (by Diane WInger) - noting among other things initial offerings for a museum in Missouri of $25,000; Trail Maintenance $9,000; Easements $10,000 and donations totalling $7,750/year.
  • Teen Corner By Chris Covill noting fun things to do enroute to highpoints
  • Delaware's Many High Points by Don Kjelleren noting there that the highpoint is 192 feet west of the monument sign urging you to call him at 302-478-1742.
  • Among the state updates was a note by Diane Winger that the cost for accessing White Butte is $20/car (if they are not there leave a donation at the pick up/house).
  • Byron Ward is seeking to start the 50/50 Expedition on Denali on June 15.
  • Pete Anderson has an article on "2002: International Year of Mountains."
  • Penn Watson article listing Highpoint Advocates and Helpers.
  • Fred Lobdell's article on County Highpointers Century Club (Bob Packard leads at 615 followed by Free with 5999 and Bob Martin with 510).
  • Mike Vining and Donna Ikenberry's report on climbing Oahu's highest point.
  • Photos of Granite Peak
  • The 50 Flags Over America contest -- showing pictures on Guadalupe, Humphreys Peak, Hoosier Hill and Ebright Azimuth
  • Deadline for Running for Highpointers Board
    • a. Be member in good standing (dues current)
      b. Have access to email
      c. Be able to attend two of three conventions during term
      d. Nominees must have consented to the nomination
      Nominees allowed 75-word statement