2016-2017 Highpointers Board of Directors

Highpointers Board of Directors 2016-2017
2016-2017 Highpointers Board of Directors, Red Lodge, Montana convention
Left to right: Ray Nelson (ex-officio), Alan Ritter, Bomber Brown, Ruth Anne Heselbarth, Gary Szelc, Kathy Dalsaso, Tim Webb, Nikki Hemphill, Mark Comstock, Mick Dunn, Marion Bauman, Don Holmes, George Paynter, John Keator, John Mitchler (ex-officio)

The 2016-2017 Highpointers Board of Directors have been selected and elected officers:

Tim Webb – President
Mark Comstock – Vice President
Mick Dunn – Secretary
Don Holmes – Treasurer

Effective 2013, there are no term limits. Members of the Board who serve 3-year terms. Their next election dates are:

Marion Bauman (2017)
Bomber Brown (2019)
Mark Comstock (2018)
Kathy Dalsaso (2018)
Mick Dunn (2017)
Charlie Feris (2017)
Ruth Anne Heselbarth (2019)
Nikki Hemphill (2018)
Don Holmes (2017)
John Keator (2019)
George Paynter (2019)
Alan Ritter (2018)
Jim Sutton (2018)
Gary Szelc (2019)
Tim Webb (2017)

Email discussions are at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/highpointers-board

Earlier Boards
Highpointers Board 2015-2016
2015-2016 Highpointers Board at Hawkeye Point, Iowa convention.
Left to right: Gary Szelc, Marion Bauman, Kamell Abdenour, John Keator, Charlie Feris, Kathy Dalsaso, Nikki Hemphill, Mark Comstock, Ray Nelson, Jim Sutton, Mick Dunn, Don Holmes, Tim Webb, Alan Ritter
Not Pictured: Roger Rowlett

BOD DSC_3532 BOD +
2014-2015 Board of Directors
Bottom Row Left to right: Don Holmes, Ray Nelson, Mark Comstock, Nikki Hemphill, Kathy Delsaso, Kamell Abdenour
Second Row: Jim Sutton, Mick Dunn, Tim Webb, John Keator, Gary Szelc, Marion Bauman
Not Pictured: Eric Lichtenstein and Roger Rowlett

2013-2014 Board of Directors meeting at Millenocket, Maine on July 20, 2013.
Left to right: Gary Szelc, Jim Sutton, Don Holmes, Kathy Dalsaso, Roger Rowlett, Nikki Hemphill, Tim Webb, Marion Bauman, Eric Lichtenstein (skyping in from Switzerland), Mark Comstock, Mick Dunn, John Mitchler (ex-officio as newsletter editor), Todd Brown (ex-officio as convention host for 2014), Charlie Ferris, Ray Nelson.
Not pictured: Kamell Abdenour and John Keator.

Highpointers Board of Directors
2012-13 Board of Directors meeting at Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon on June 9.
First row: Don Holmes, Kathy Dalsaso Mitchler, Gary Szelc, Mark Comstock
2nd/3rd rows: Ray Nelson (ex-officio), Kamell Abdenour, Tim Webb, Tom Karchesy, Mick Dunn, Jim Sutton, Marion Bauman, Charlie Feris, John Mitchler (ex-officio), Roger Rowlett.
Not pictured: Jerry Cobleigh, Nikki Hemphill, and Eric Lichtenstein

2011-12 Board of Directors meeting on Campbell Hill
Left to right: Steve Urbanski, Mark Comstock, Mick Dunn, Marion Bauman, Will Mokszycki, Kamell Abdenour, Craig Noland, Don Holmes, Tim Webb, Jerry Cobleigh, Charlie Feris, Roger Rowlett, Gary Szelc
Not pictured: Steve Gamble, Tom Karchesy

2010-2011 Board of Directors meeting in Mississippi
Left to right: Don Holmes, Stony Burk, Roger Rowlett, Tom Karchesy, Craig Noland, Jerry Cobleigh, Bill Deitzer, Mark Costock, Nikki Hemphill, Jim Sutton, WillWill Mokszycki, Kamell Abdenour, Steve Urbanski

2003-2004 Board of Directors
Front row left to right: Jean Trousdale, Gene Elliott, Diane Winger, Mary Maurer
Back row: Tim Webb, Craig Noland, Roger Rowlett, Robert Hyman, George Vandersluis, John Mitchler, Ken Akerman, Don Holmes, Dave Covill

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  2. Shirley Cole says:

    Could you just send me a one word answer to this question: Did your president Tim Webb grow up in California? Yes or no. I’m looking for a Tim Webb I used to know in Calif. Thanx.

  3. Karl Lundberg says:

    Our party of 5 would like to summit Mt. Rainier this summer. Is anyone planning on hiking it that could either guide us or provide classes on use of ice ax & rope?

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