Oral History of First 10 48 Completers

Charlie Feris (48 completer #11) gave a presentation on the first 10 48 completers during the 2010 Highpointers Convention. There is a colorful cast of characters and Charlie met most of them.

Part 1
#1 Arthur H. Marshall – a character who climbed the summits without even owning a car!
#2 Rowland Stebbins – He climbed them twice and brought along his sons (#5 and #6) Floyd and Kenyon and #7 Winston

Part 2
#3 George Peters
#4 Floyd McDermott
#8 Vin Hoeman (and #1 50 completer)
#9 Frank Ashley (the first guidebook author)

Part 3
#10 Mitch Michaud – a very colorful character who loved to get publicity for his climbs including a December 14, 1970 Sports Illustrated article headlined “Upon A Peak In Delaware” with a subhead “Why is Mitch Michaud on Ebright Road”

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  2. Would like to contact Frank Ashley and buy one of his books!
    Frank carried an Adventure16 Pack on his summit expeditions. I would like to have some pictures of one of him using one of my packs.

    Andy Drollinger ‘Founder of Adventure16

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