Sen Lindsay Graham Attends Sassafras Mountain Improvement Project on South Carolina Peak

We were delighted that Sen. Lindsay Graham could attend the September 17 Sassafras Mountain Improvement Project ceremony atop South Carolina’s highest mountain.

The Highpointers Foundation is donating the plaque and bench for the project.

Other parts of the project include a new observation tower, spur trail off of the 76-mile Foothills Trail.

At the ceremony Mike Leonard, vice chairman of the Conservation Fund announced that 4.8 acres on the North Carolina side was donated to SCDNR for the project. 8,000 acres of the East Fork Headwaters tract, is owned by the Conservancy Fund and Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy.

This article notes:

“We at the Highpointers Club are excited about the plans on Sassafras Mountain that will promote and preserve the beauty of South Carolina’s tallest mountain,” said Sid Collins, CEO of the Pickens County YMCA and Highpointers Club member. “This project will create better access while maintaining the integrity and wonder of Sassafras. The Highpointers Club supports this effort and will help in any way possible.”

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2 Responses to Sen Lindsay Graham Attends Sassafras Mountain Improvement Project on South Carolina Peak

  1. Tom Layton says:

    Thanks to the Highpointers Foundation for supporting this project.

    The photo gallery on shows an architectural tower that should open up a 4-state view.

    I want to invite/challenge others to get involved–especially those who have expressed disappointment about the current conditions on Sassafras Mtn.

    You can help make the SC HP a showcase.

    Tax-deducitble donations from individuals are welcome.

    Make a donation to the Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund.
    Put Sassafras Mountain in the “FOR” line on your check.

    Mail to:

    Tom Swayngham
    311 Natural Resources Drive
    Clemson, SC 29631

    SCDNR will send you a receipt for tax purposes.

  2. Tom Layton says:

    Potential big boost for Sassafras Mountain: Duke Energy’s proposal for a new license on its Keowee-Towaway power plants includes $500,000 for the Sassafras Mountain tower.

    Meanwhile, individuals can still contribute to the tower via the SCDNR and have your name placed on a paving brick at the SC HP:

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