Issue #99 of “Apex to Zenith” Fourth Quarter 2012

Items in Issue #99 of Apex to Zenith include (Winter 2012):

*Cover – Rainier shadow in the clouds; John Mitchler with early completer Mitch Michaud
*2 – Newly minted 50 completer Dave Covill looking at Chris’s Father Day card on Denali; 50 completer Bob Dowling on Granite Peak; Michael Vander Lugt and family on Taum Sauk.
*3 – Stan Baumgarner reaches 48 on Greylock; Bob Bolton and #48 on Panorama Point; 50 completer Tereas Gergen on Denali.
*4-5 – Reprint of Jakk Longacre’s first newsletter of June 8, 1987
*6-7 – Interview by Don Berens with help of John Mitchler and Mitch Michaud (50 completer #2) who now lives in Worcster, Massachussets.
*8 – Jerry Brekhus on highest named hills in each state
*9 – Highpoint updates including Illinois open dates: June 1& 2; July 6 & 7; August 3 & 4; September 7 & 8
*10 – Highpoint photos – Rick Hartman with Humphreys Peak sign, old 7.3 mph sign on Jakk’s old property in Missouri; the before and after of Frissell’s new registration after Stony Burk extenively modified.
*11 – 50 completer Bob Dowling
*12 – 50 completer Dave Covill
*13 – 50 completer Michael Vander Lugt
*14 – 50 completer Teresa Gergen
*15 – 48 finisher Bob Bolton
*16 – 48 finisher Stan Bumgarner
*17 – Editor’s Note and President’s Message on Board election
*18 – Ray and Jan Nelson Membership update
*19 – Klimbin Kollaborator, call for nominations for Board of Direction. Calendar deadline for submission is May 15
*20 – Tripoint trip reports by Greg Weiler & Jean Newcomer
*21 – Michael Bayer on highpointing ND – SD – NE – KS – OK in Rattlesnake Alley
*22-25 – Maine registration and packet
*26 – County highpointer
*27 – Dennis Poulin on Oregon County highpointing
*28-29 – S.afety O.n S.ummits about Mount Hood by Rick Hartman
*30 – Highpointers Foundation updates
*31 – Stony Burk update on state summits
*32 – K. Kyle Atkins poem from his collection “Verse from the High Sierra.”
*33 – James Suits on 360 degree highpoint photography
*34-35 – K. Kyle Atkins on Optical Phenomena in High Places
*36-37 – Merc catalog
*38 – Highpoint Benchs sponsored by Highpointers Foundation
*39 – Claim of most states in one day by William Andress – 8 states RI MA CT NJ DE DC PA MD, 8 miles hiking, 1,000 miles driving) in 22 hours 35 hours; Eden-Cass Covill climbs Panorama Point at the age of 144 hours.
*40-41 – Milestones – John Mitchler on various records.
*42-43 -Milestone color photos
*44 Back cover

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One Response to Issue #99 of “Apex to Zenith” Fourth Quarter 2012

  1. Annette Richard says:

    It’s awesome that Mitch Michaud spent some time with your group after being away from it for so long that he was “lost”.

    Mitch was my brother-in-law, and I want to let you know that he passed away a few weeks ago. He had been in failing health for some time.

    I found your website a few years ago, and mentioned to him that he was on the missing list. I hope it was why he got back in touch with you.

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