Perpetual Easement on Jakk’s Glade Finalized

Tom Altwies and Highpointers Club President Tim Webb at Jakk's Glade
Tom Altwies and Club President Tim Webb

The Club transferred the ownership to Tom Altwies who bought Club Founder Jakk Longacre’s adjoining property. The Club has a permanent access to the glade which a bronze monument to the club founder which was dedicated on September 8, 2007. The Club will continue to maintain the site which also includes a trailhead for the Ozark Mountain Club. Much of the maintenance has been handled by Paul and Faith Light who were neighbors of Jakk and continued to help after his passing as well as by Alan Ritter and scout troops from St. Louis

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2 Responses to Perpetual Easement on Jakk’s Glade Finalized

  1. Jeff Kees says:

    I met Paul this weekend. The glad is in great hands. He helped show us to the exact location and was really excited to have some highpointers visit.

  2. Jeff Kees says:

    I apologize for the spelling, mean it to say glade.

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