Trailer for American Highpoints

We are thrilled to see the first trailer Gary Scurka and Kathleen Wolffe’s new film American Highpoints by Every Step Productions. Gary and Kathleen have attended club conventions and interviewed numerous members in the preparation for their movie.

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  1. WOW!! Neato! I was at the 2002 and 2003 conventions and remember Jean T. at the 2002 OK Convention (sorry to just see the news of her passing) and have not been able to go to another one since, but was able to make it to FL’s HP in 2013 since it is real close to me here in Pensacola thanks to the Wingers’ book Highpoint Adventures which I mark in sights to see in the areas such as going thru Plains, GA for a chance to meet Jimmy Carter on the way to Atlanta and GA’s HP & the other real close-by ones in The Smoky Mtns. area. Did you realize Gladys Knight of Gladys Knight & The Pips has her own restaurant in Atlanta and a bit east of the MO HP at the southern tip of IL is the home of Superman, Metropolis? Travel tidbits like that–so I got some great road trips in mind when I’m able to. I just recently finished my 5-yr. project & got published of a book not related to hiking but a new aid for the Scrabble players out there, called Fun with Scrabble Homonyms: Guide to Pronunciation which can be found on my publisher’s site at or on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, not taking off yet. And I thought 5 years was long—but 17 years for that Keep Climbing book? Maybe you cane get the Wingers do something for the movie. How long are they planning it to be?

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