2016 Highpointers Convention August 12-13 at Red Lodge, Montana

The Belt of Venus
The 30th annual Highpointers Convention will be held August 12-13, 2016 at Red Lodge, Montana. John Mitchler will be hosting. Here’s a summary.

Here is the registration document. (updated March 2016)

LODGING (listed from north to south in Red Lodge)

Alpine Lodge, 1105 N. Broadway, 406-446-2213, www.alpineredlodge.com
17 rooms, north end of town

Pollard Hotel, 2 N. Broadway, 406-446-0001, www.thepollard.com
classic hotel, nice, middle of town

Yoedler Motel, 601 S. Broadway, 406-446-1435, www.yodelermotel.com
23 rooms

Red Lodge Inn, 811 S. Broadway, 406-446-2030, www.theredlodgeinn.com
6 singles, 7 doubles, 2 suites

Beartooth Hideaway, 1223 S. Broadway, 406 446-2288, www.beartoothhideaway.com
Host Hotel, south end of town, few rooms left, 3 nice cabins sleep eight

Chateau Rouge, 1505 S. Broadway, 406-446-1601, www.chateaurouge.com
2 bedroom condos, studios $125, next to Beartooth Hideaway

KOA Campground (800) 562-7540, 4 miles north of Red Lodge
Perry’s Campground, 406-446-2722, 3 miles south of Red Lodge
Painter’s Campground, 307-527-5510, 6 miles south of Red Lodge
more lodging options: www.redlodge.com/montana-lodging.asp

Red lodge is a quaint mountain town with fabulous restaurants, shops, bars, and casinos, located at the base of the Beartooth Pass, near world-class fly fishing, kayaking, and whitewater rafting, just 65 miles from the north east entrance of Yellowstone National Park, and 60 miles from Billings Logan International Airport.

Weather: www.redlodge.com/red-lodge-montana-weather-report.asp
Day-by-Day Calendar of Events: www.redlodge.com/montana-calendar-of-events.asp
Web Cams: www.redlodge.com/red-lodge-montana-web-cam.asp

Self-guided Tours with Maps www.redlodge.com/montana-recreation.asp?c=REC10

Local Hikes: http://www.redlodge.com/montana-recreation.asp?c=REC06

Beartooth Highway: http://beartoothhighway.com/beartooth-highway-maps/ (very cool map)

Registration and Newsletter Blurb from March 2016.

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45 Responses to 2016 Highpointers Convention August 12-13 at Red Lodge, Montana

  1. Charles E Davis says:

    At the convention next year, is anyone going to get together a groop Hike to Granite Peak & Gannett Peak? If so I would like to put my name in the hat.

    C E Davis

  2. Kim Anthony says:

    I would be interested as well!


    Kim Anthony

  3. Donna Moot says:

    Philip and I would also like to hike. Is it possible to do both in one week?

  4. Ryan T says:

    Count me in too.

    If people have enough time we could do Eagle Peak, the Yellowstone NP high point. Does anybody have info about routes on that mountain?

  5. James says:

    I would love to do Granite with a few folks after the convention

  6. Wes T says:

    Which route were people planning to take up Granite?

  7. Pat says:

    I’m learning as much rope climbing as I can this year, in hopes that I’ll be able to go. I’d like to join a group as well, but hopefully someone with a bunch of experience!

  8. Donna moot says:

    We will be hiking before the convention

  9. lubos says:

    I am planning an overnight backpacking trip somewhere to Aero / Rough Lake with my wife if anyone is interested. It’s such a beautiful area. Also, if this is of use to anyone, here is my trip report from Granite back in 2012: http://www.iamlubos.com/highpoints/granite/

  10. John Mitchler says:

    Many Hightpointers will hike/climb Granite, Gannett, and Borah around the convention. Perhaps as many as 50 are hitting the trail. There will be no Club event involving these peaks.
    The guide services have been alerted and they offer Highpointers a nice discount during the weeks before/after the convention, so check out their scheduled climbs in the latest Club newsletter. Private groups are forming too using FTD and SW Couloir. Read the Klimbin’ Kollaborators column and email me your notice which I’ll publish. It reaches all our members.

  11. John M says:

    I’ve attempted Eagle Peak twice, including from the north. Not many have climbed this peak and I know 7 of them.

  12. Tom Carter says:

    Is anyone up for the WY highpoint, Gannett Peak, in the Wind River Range? I thought we’d go in from the Dubois side (3 days roundtrip).

  13. greg o says:

    Granite is a tough climb, I’ve got snowed off the mountain two years in a row. Made it to just under the snow bridge last year. would love to give it another shot, looking for a group to go with.
    would love to give gannet a try as well, if anyone is interested?

  14. Scott Luria says:

    I would like to join climbs of Granite and Gannett around the convention. I just signed up for a membership but have not gotten the club newsletter yet. Can you help me connect–I hear some of the climbs are filling up.

  15. Marshall Stewart says:

    I have a Facebook group for people wanting to do group climbs. Feel free to join and network teams.

  16. James Sego says:

    Greg O

    I would like to do the climb as well. Would nee to go after the convention.

    Not sure how we connect via this interface.

  17. Pete says:

    My wife and I are planning to attempt Gannett in the week before the convention, then try Granite starting on ?Sunday, Aug 13? (Depends on Gannett success, etc). We plan to be at the Bomber/Glacier trailhead north of Gannett, near Dubois, on the evening of Aug 6 or 7. Would love some company, especially on Granite. Not planning on doing much advance coordination with others, but hope others are going up at the same times. e-mail at: newts@q.com. Also, tentatively, Rainier in the first week of July.

  18. Tom Carter says:

    Your proposed dates for Gannett Peak (Wyoming High Point) are a bit confusing. But if you’re interested in a three day climb from Bomber Basin beginning on Sunday, August 14 I might be in.

  19. Donna Moot says:

    does anyone have the list of guides?

  20. Donna Moot says:

    does anyone have the list of guides? We want to do Granite with a guide before the convention.

  21. Ted says:

    from palisades camp ground. a 2 night three day round trip to finish up on the first night (friday) of the convention.


  22. Ted says:

    A two night three day round trip from Palisades Campground, see map link.


  23. Pete says:

    IRT Tom Carter’s note. We kind of have to do Gannett first, from DuBois, starting the hike on Aug 7 or 8, then Granite the next week, to fit with the vacation time we have. Pete

  24. Greg O says:

    James Sego
    I joined the Facebook page that Marshall put the link up, that would be a great way to coordinate things.

    there are a couple of guides in the area (Beartooth Mountain guides) are up there every year. I think there is another one out of Wyo not sure there name but you can find it on the BMG site.

    Hope this helps
    Greg O

  25. Mark says:

    A suggestion for those doing Granite Peak. Going via the SW Couloir requires no rope and can be done in two days if the weather is good and you’re in descent condition. There are several trip reports available using Google. Trailhead is Lady of the Lakes near Cooke City. No trail signs present after Lady of Lakes lake pointing the way; besides the trail ends about half way to Granite but cairns are present. A GPS and map are a must. I did it alone last July. Will be doing Gannett in mid-July 2016.

  26. Tom Waldorf says:

    The long parade of aspiring summit climbers headed for Granite Peak (12,799ft./3.515m.) after the Highpointers Convention in Red Lodge 12-13 Aug. will no doubt be remarkable. This guess is based on the attendance last summer (in Iowa!) of 250-200 members. The shores of Avalanche & Princess Lakes, jammed with huge boulders the size of VWs et. al. below the Tempest-Granite Col offer a very limited no.
    of tiny campsites wedged between the boulders. The Freeze to Death plateau above, offers a much broader area for base camp, exposed to wind gusts, lightning & thunder where no doubt dozens of climbers will camp.

    What caught my eye among the comments and inquiries on the Highpointers Convention web page, was at least one inquiry about climbing Eagle Peak (11,358ft./ 3.462m.) the summit of Yellowstone Park along its SE boundary. Its 2 routes of access from Red Lodge are: a)enter the Park via Sylvan Pass E. entrance (fee required)
    proceed to Bridge Bay or Grant Village, then hire a motor boat for the long trip across Yellowstone Lake the next day. Once our intrepid group is deposited on the SE shore at Columbine Cr. campsite, it’s still at least another 24 mi. to Eagle Pass (9,628ft./2.935m.) via the Thorofare & Mountain Cr. Trails through major grizzly & black bear country. I’ve never tried this route personally.
    b) However my wife and I DID hike in about 17 m. from the Eagle Cr. parking area (5,860ft./1.786m.)in one day, a long time ago (when I was much younger and faster!) to camp in a gorgeous meadow just below “the wall” where the switchbacks began. But since we ran out of time (had to return to work on Mon.), had to turn back w/o a chance to attempt the climb. Saw several moose & deer though. TH is 5 mi. E. of Pahaska (Wapiti Teepee¿?) before entering YNP E. entrance, so we never paid an entrance fee. Details of the Ascent beyond base camp, can be read in Tom Turiano’s excellent reference: “Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone (C. 2003, pp. 259-260 w. B & W photos). If a group of intrepid hikers were interested, we should be able to complete our
    objective in about 5 days RT from Red Lodge, weather permitting. Turiano adds that only about 100 parties signed in on the summit register between about 1980-2003!
    Any takers for this one? If so, please let me know when y’all get a chance.

    Abrazos (cheers)
    (Tom Waldorf)
    Bozeman, MT.

  27. Joseph Guyther says:

    Hoping to do Gannett via Glacier Trail in late August with Exum Guides if anyone is interested. Trip length is six days (one back up day for summit attempt if prime day is weathered out). Cost is $2100 per person with Exum plus $300 per person to have gear packed in to the 15 mile point on the hike in. Price includes all meals on trip. Round trip on Glacier Trail from TH near Dubois, WY is 50 miles – two days in, two days out plus summit days.

  28. Joseph Guyther says:

    Planning on a Gannett climb via the Glacier Trail the week of 21 August using Exum Guides. Cost for guide service is $2,100 per person for six day trip – 2 day approach, 2 days for climb (2nd day is weather backup), 2 day hike out. Round trip distance is 50 miles. Guide service provides all meals. Pack service available from Stetter to haul gear to drop point at Glacier-Ink Wells trail junction in Big Meadows. Drop service cost varible based on number in party.

  29. Joseph Guyther says:

    Interested in Gannett.

  30. Ryan T says:

    FYI, I have made some posts on possible routes up Gannett and Granite (that people are discussing) on the facebook group:
    I can re-post here if some people aren’t on facebook.

  31. Donna Moot says:

    I am not on Facebook, please post here. Are people doing Granite without a guide? I would love to join a group. I’d love to do both. Any groups I can join? I am not very computer friendly. 419-603-3277

  32. Janet Schlindwein says:

    I’d love to climb Granite Peak if anyone is up for it? I am an AMGA certified Single Pitch Instructor, have my WFR, and have climbed Pico de Orizaba, Mt. Whitney and Rainer this summer, plus many more. Of course you need navigation skills; compass/map, some prior climbing experience with a harness and rappelling. It would be a strenuous 12+hour day or we can camp on the way up.

  33. Joseph Guyther says:

    Defnitely qualified to lead any team! Would recommend a two day climb. The distances involved dictate that unless you are a trail runner shooting for a FKT.

    Any interest in Gannet in late August?

  34. James Sego says:


    Love to do the climb. Was up there a couple of years ago and got snowed/rained out.

    James Sego

  35. Rick Pokorny says:

    Are there any slower hikers planning a 4 day attempt at Gannet without a guide? I’d be interested in coordinating that with you if possible.

  36. Tom O'Shields says:

    I just had knee replacement surgery but if all goes well my wife and I will be attending the convention this year. She still needs to climb Granite, Gannet, and Borah and we plan to do all three on our trip. I’ve climbed Granite six times, Gannet around 15 and Borah 4. If anyone wants to form a climbing mob we could. We will climb Granite via the SW Couloir. This route is shorter, quicker and easier. We then plan to drive over to Borah and spend a day on it. We don’t have time to tour Jellystone or any time to waste and will be on a pretty tight but doable schedule. After Borah, we will probably spend a day in Jackson, Wy, (I use to live and guide there) then head over toward Dubois to walk into Gannet. I was thinking if a lot of people wanted to do Gannet, maybe we could see if we could get a group deal to go in through the reservation. If not, we plan to go in via the Glacier trail. It’s a little more hiking but I think it puts you in a better situation on summit day and it is less crowded. We are hoping to accomplish all this in 10-12 days max. If anyone is interested keep in touch. You can reach me at toshields@gmail.com. Please put Granite in the subject line os I don’t delete it without reading it. Hope to meet a lot of new people in Red Lodge. Oh yeah, Red Lodge is a really cool fun town. Cheers, Tom

  37. Ryan T says:

    @ Tom Waldorf
    Are you still interested in Eagle peak? Are you on the convention facebook page?

  38. Will Dwyer says:

    Hello all,

    I am new to the Highpointers Club, but am also interested in a climb of Granite, Gannett or Borah around the time of the convention.

    I have reached 15 highpoints thus far, but Granite, Gannett or Borah would likely be my hardest. I have reached California’s (Mt. Whitney) and Colorado’s (Mt. Elbert), which are higher in elevation, but I know not as technical.

    Regardless, my email is listed below. I will also join the group climb board on Facebook.

    Will Dwyer

  39. David Odenwalder says:

    I’m looking at a last-minute sign-up for the convention (if I can still get in) – primary object would be to hike Granite immediately after the convention (Aug 14-19 time frame). I have done Borah recently and Whitney and Kings peak in the last couple of years. Not a speed hiker, but persistent – looking to join someone on the SW couloir route – I’m not a technical rope climber, sorry to say.

  40. Tracy Foutz says:

    I’m planning on climbing Granite Pk via the SW Couloir Monday through Tuesday or Wednesday (Aug. 15-16 or 17) the week after the convention. If another attendee is interested in this route and time frame, let’s join forces so I don’t do it solo and worry my wife! I’m competent and confident in my back-country navigational skills and I will be driving a Jeep that can get me to the Lady of the Lakes trailhead. I hope to do it in two days but have allowed for three just in case.

  41. Pete says:

    I am hoping to find someone who would be interested in attempting Granite between August 27 and September 6. We had hoped to hook up with a group after the convention but struck out. If you’re interested, please write back as soon as practical.
    Pete Newton

  42. James says:

    Pete. I’d be interested

  43. Pete says:

    Wonderful. Glad to hear from you. What time frame would work for you?
    My e-mail address is newts@q.com.

  44. David Odenwalder says:

    Tracy and I hooked up and did Granite via the SW ramp right after the convention (Aug 15-17). If we had known there were others interested, we could have made it a 3-some or 4-some. See my trip report on Peakbaggers for some pointers and cautions.

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