Massachusetts 2017 Konvention Schedule Announced

The 2017 Massachusetts Konvention schedule has been announced, and it features three days of events for highpointers who will be in attendance.

In a bit of a change, the Liar’s Club Social has moved to Thursday instead of Friday. On July 20, Konvention attendees can attend the event which will be held at Forest Park Country Club, which is located at 41 Forest Park Avenue in Adams, MA.  The event runs from 4pm until sundown.

On July 21, it will be time for Afternoon Delight at Freight Yard Pub at 1 Furnace Street in North Adams, MA.  The event starts at 1pm without a finishing time.

Saturday morning, make plans to attend the Pancake Breakfast at Golden Eagle Restaurant at 1935 Mohawk Trail in Clarksburg.  Breakfast will run from 7am-11am.

At 1pm, the Wendy Comstock Watermelon Feast will take place on the summit of Mt. Greylock.

Saturday’s events wrap up with the Dinner Banquet at Bounti-Fare Restaurant at 200 Howland Avenue in Adams.  There will be a social hour at 5pm, and the banquet will start at 6pm and end when Don Holmes goes hoarse.

As part of the registration fee, which is $65, konvention attendees can attend the Liar’s Club Social Hour, the Pancake Breakfast, the Wendy Comstack Watermelon Festival, and the Dinner Banquet at no additional costs.  There will be a cash bar available at the social and the banquet.   The Friday Afternoon Delight does come at an out-of-pocket expense.

All times are tentative and subject to minor change.

Konvention Headquarters will be at the Howard Johnson, 213 Main Street in Williamstown, where, from Thursday to Saturday (9 AM to 4 PM), you can register your arrival for the previously mentioned events.






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4 Responses to Massachusetts 2017 Konvention Schedule Announced

  1. Bob Anderson says:

    Unfortunately, this event coincides with the Berkshire Geobash which I attend every year. So I will only be able to attend one event. Will there be a special meeting time and place for 50 state finishers?

    Bob Anderson

  2. Wilma says:

    How neat! Is it really this silpem? You make it look easy.

  3. The Berkshire Geobash is very excited to co-host the Freight Yard Pub “Afternoon Delight” with the High Pointers!!! This will be the perfect venue to relax and enjoy the company of cachers and hikers. The geocachers will be able to enjoy a great meal before coming to the Pre-registration Event that evening.

  4. Bob Anderson says:

    Great idea for those of us who are both High Pointers and Geocachers!

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