Panorama Point Temporarily Closed

Panorama Point, the highpoint of Nebraska, is currently closed due to road conditions.

Please do not attempt to walk the road as bison roam within the fence.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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5 Responses to Panorama Point Temporarily Closed

  1. John Lopez says:

    I’m planning a roadtrip from 2/21-2/24 to visit the Nebraska high point. Will the access road be open by then?

  2. Justin says:

    Hi John,

    As far as I know, it is still closed. I’ll see if there is an update.

  3. John Lopez says:

    Thank you- I’m flying into St. Louis, with plans to bag Missouri and Kansas, at least. Was going to Oklahoma in March- I might be able to drive north to Nebraska at that time…would be nice to run into any other highpointers during these trips.

  4. Stony Burk says:

    I got an email from the rancher and he informed me the gate is open. The road in is in good shape.

  5. Mack & Joni Miller says:

    Just access this highpoint 02-21-17, it is accessable

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