CKTEST Tripoint Guide 2

Naming convention

We have moved away from Jack's naming convention and use the alphabetical order found on most tri-point related websites. We still adhere to Jack's numbering system which arbitarily starts at the western-most tri-point and proceeds easterly. This has been extended to handle the wet tri-points, U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico tri-points which Jack originally didn't number. You might try link1 or link2 to test the faq style in wordpress.

This table provides summary information about all the tri-points. You may re-sort this table by clicking the small arrows found in the column headers.
ID - Jack's numbering system extended to include all tri-points.
    the link goes to the corresponding "The Corner Corner" page
States - Tri-point name
    the link goes to our details section
Type - whether it is land-based (dry), water-based (wet) or involves Canada/Mexico
    the link goes to our summary lists at the bottom
Pvt - whether the tri-point is privately owned. Please contact owner before going.
Elev - the elevation in feet
Dist - the distance (from car or from shore) to the tri-point in miles

ID States Type Pvt Elev Dist
1CA-NV-ORLand 5,2852
2ID-NV-ORLand 5,2741
4AZ-NV-UTLand 2,7034
5ID-MT-WYLand 8,3304-10
6ID-UT-WYLand 7,0570.57
7CO-UT-WYLand 8,4080
8AZ-CO-NM-UTLand 4,8660
9MT-ND-SDLand 3,0481.6
10MT-SD-WYLand 3,4220.5
12CO-NE-WYLand 5,3860
13CO-KS-NELand 3,4440
14CO-NM-OKLand 4,4450
15NM-OK-TXLand 4,7140
16CO-KS-OKLand 3,6870
17MN-ND-SDLand 9700
18IA-MN-SDLand 1,4100
19KS-MO-OKLand 1,0240
20AR-MO-OKLand 1,1290
21AR-LA-TXLand 2260.01
22IN-MI-OHLand 1,0660
23AL-GA-TNLand 7200.11
26GA-NC-SCLand 2,1493.5
27KY-TN-VALand 1,9871.1
29KY-VA-WVLand 8270.6
30MD-PA-WVLand 2,3200.57
32.1DC-MD-VA (North)LandYES100.03
32.2DC-MD-VA (South)Land 80.12
33DE-MD-PALand 2550.15
34NJ-NY-PALand 4200
35CT-MA-NYLand 2,1461.5
36MA-NY-VTLand 1,4171
38CT-MA-RILand 6300.8
51ID-OR-WAWater (river) 8560.06
[LP of Nevada]
Water (river) 4790.02
53IA-NE-SDWater (river) 1,0760.07
54IA-MO-NEWater (river) 9090.05
[LP of Nebraska]
Water (river) 8400.07
56AR-OK-TXWater (river) 3020.06
57MI-MN-WIWater (lake) 6002.5
58IA-MN-WIWater (river) 6200.10
59IL-IA-WIWater (river) 5970.06
[LP of Iowa]
Water (river) 4860.25
[LP of Illinois]
Water (river) 2950.25
62.1KY-MO-TN (West)Water (river) 2690.25
62.2KY-MO-TN (Middle)Water (river) 2760.25
62.3KY-MO-TN (East)
[LP of Kentucky]
Water (river) 2790.25
63AR-MO-TNWater (river) 2460.03
[LP of Tennessee]
Water (river) 1770.13
65AR-LA-MSWater (river) 820.13
66AL-MS-TNWater (river) 4100.25
67IL-MI-WIWater (lake) 57440
68IL-IN-MIWater (lake) 5749.5
[LP of Indiana]
Water (river) 3250.14
[LP of Ohio]
Water (river) 4530.13
71KY-OH-WVWater (river) 5180.02
72OH-PA-WVWater (river) 6650.01
[LP of Pennsylvania]
Water (river) 00.5
74CT-NY-RIWater (ocean) 01
101AK-BC-YTCanada, Land 7,79240-75
102BC-ID-WACanada, Land 5,9559
103BC-ID-MTCanada, Land 4,5900.5
104AB-BC-MTCanada, Land 7,4602.3
105AB-MT-SKCanada, Land 2,8001.1
106MT-ND-SKCanada, Land 2,1880.34-0.57
107MB-ND-SKCanada, Land 1,5500
[LP of North Dakota]
Canada, Water (river) 7510.28
109MB-MN-ONCanada, Water (lake) 1,0604
110MI-MN-ONCanada, Water (lake) 6005
[LP of Michigan]
Canada, Water (lake) 5717.33
112OH-ON-PACanada, Water (lake) 57124.5-28
113NY-ON-PACanada, Water (lake) 57115
114NY-ON-QCCanada, Water (river) 1443.5
[LP of Vermont]
Canada, Water (lake) 950.9
116NH-QC-VTCanada, Water (river) 1,0730.07
117ME-NH-QCCanada, Land 2,6000.10
118ME-NB-QCCanada, Water (river) 5710.08
[LP of Arizona]
Mexico, Water (river) 1080.04
152AZ-BCN-SONMexico, Water (river) 740.11
153AZ-NM-SONMexico, Land 4,8361.25
154CHH-NM-SONMexico, Land 6,6832.2
155CHH-NM-TXMexico, Water (river) 3,7570.09
156CHH-COA-TXMexico, Water (river) 2,0140.85
157COA-NLE-TXMexico, Water (river) 4401.8
158NLE-TAM-TXMexico, Water (river) 4000.09

[Canada: AB = Alberta, BC = British Columbia, MB = Manitoba, NB = New Brunswick, ON = Ontario, QC = Quebec, SK = Saskatchewan, YT = Yukon Territory]
[Mexico: BCN = Baja California, CHH = Chihuahua, COA = Coahuila, NLE = Nuevo Leon, SON = Sonora, TAM = Tamaulipas]

This section contains information panels for each tri-point. Click on the name of the tri-point and a panel opens up presenting the details about the tri-point. This includes Jack’s trip report and more recent trip reports or updates. The updates usually provide enhanced driving directions or describe the condition of the monument. You will also find additional information such as the benchmark name and PID, which USGS quadrangle covers the tri-point, etc.

triAZ-NV-OR and triID-NV-OR

Tripoint Table Tripoint Details Tripoint Lists
Tripoints Accessible by Land Tripoints Accessible by Water
United States-Canada Tripoints United States-Mexico Tripoints

This final section is for those people who like lists. We separate the tri-points into those accessible by land, those accessible by water, those which involve Canada and those which involve Mexico. We also provide an index sorted by state of its tri-points.

1: California-Nevada-Oregon

2: Idaho-Nevada-Oregon