Highpointers Club Memberships for Family and Friends…

Sign up friends and family for a Highpointers Club Membership.

Just $20 (US) and $25 (Foreign) per year will get their membership started!!!

Club Memberships make the perfect gift for friends and family members that love the outdoors and enjoying traveling off of the beaten path.  We started offering these gift memberships last year and it was a pretty big hit. 

Many members give these to their hiking and traveling partners, family members that they’ve shared Highpointing with and other like minded folks that they know will enjoy it. 

–  Just fill out the application and send one application for each person.  Or, you can just send me an email breaking down the information if it’s for more than one gift membership.

–  You can pay via PayPal for online service (located at the bottom of the application) or mail it to Highpointers Club, PO Box 6364, Sevierville TN 37864-6364.

–  Remember to give me information on all the family at that household if more than one person is there if you wish.  Highpoint counts, email address, phone, etc… (This information will be kept confidential and not given out.)

–  Be sure to let me know if the “Membership Packet” is to be sent to you so you can give it to them as a gift or if you want me to go ahead and mail it to them directly.

Memberships are $20 for 1 year, $40 for 2 years and $60 for 3 years.  3 years is the maximum a membership or renewal can be paid in advance.  Add $5 more each for foreign memberships per year.  If you wish to renew your own membership, it can be done at this time as well.

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