Completion Awards

The Highpointers Club offers club members various completer awards (available through the Merc) for accomplishing specific achievements:

  • 5 state patch – climb any 5 highpoints
  • 25 state pin – climb any 25 highpoints
  • 30 state pin – climb 30 highpoints with 5 from each of the 4 regions
  • 40 state pin – climb any 40 highpoints
  • 48 state pin and/or plaque – climb all the Lower 48 contiguous highpoints
  • 50 state pin and/or plaque – climb all 50 highpoints

The Highpointers Club Directory contains the “48 Finishers” and “50 Completers” lists. The directory is published every year as a supplement to the Second Quarter issue of the “Apex to Zenith” newsletter.

When a club member becomes a “48 Finisher” or “50 Completer” they are invited to submit an article to the newsletter describing their accomplishment. We have a sample of these completer stories online. Current stories are part of the membership benefits.