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    I just wanted to talk a little about Wyoming’s low point along the Belle Fourche River. I grew up on the Jensen Ranch, also known as the 3-V Ranch, until my family moved to Belle Fourche, SD when I was 17. The ranch housing, where the owner and employees live, is either 20 or 28 miles from the nearest town, Belle Fourche, SD, depending if a dirt road or highway is taken. Thorval Jensen, the landowner, is a well-known farmer/rancher in the Tri-State area and is the second generation of his family running the place. His ranch was a complete joy to grow up on. My parents had the keen insight to purchase a dirt bike for me, and I spent countless hours putting miles on it around the ranch. There is a wide variety of terrain around the ranch, from rough hilly points to wide open pasture and prairies to large stock dams, but the main feature of the place is the Belle Fourche River breaks, which provide for some impressive vistas, gorgeous valleys, and gnarly shale slopes. I couldn’t have asked for a better location as a child. Yes, it did seem a little desolate, what with the only children in the area for the most part being my two sisters and I, but the freedom, safety, and carefree attitude experienced out there is unlike any other place I’ve ever been before. I thoroughly encourage anyone to take a half-day and make the trek out to Wyoming’s lowpoint, my childhood home. You won’t be disappointed.

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    Do we have any formal or informal agreement that we high(low)pointers could access the WY LP? It would seem that you would be a perfect liaison for this.

    I was passing through the Belle Forche area in 2001 and really liked it.

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