Frank Ashley Award

The Frank Ashley Award goes to members for significant work in the year prior (it is different from the Vin Hoeman and Jack Longacre awards which reflect cumulative work).

Recipients include:
2015 – Jessica and Thomas Barthelme, Mike Earll, Hawkeye Point Foundation, Steve Koski, Agrihan Climbers
2014 – Nena & Bomber Brown, Lizzie Brammer, Valerie Naylor, Jim Hawkins and Rick Hartman
2013 – Mark Adam, Kenyon Rainier Stebbins, Lyle & Kathy Blomberg, Bill Guenther, Blaine and Linda Sorenson, Al Dempsey, Mick Dunn
2012 – 2012 convention organizers and Gene and Lillian Elliot and Glen VanVliet
2011 – Bob Brown and Sid Collins
2010 – Dave Pellegrini, Gerry Roach, Jean Trousdale
2009 – Doreen Kupchick, Rosemary and Bill Dietzer, Don Kjelleran, Faith and Paul Light, Fred Lobdell, David Powers, Roy Wallen
2008 – No nominations
2007 – Michael Chessler, Miles Luke, Paul Pontiff and the 83 members of Nikki Hemphill’s convention crew
2006 – Kyle Atkins
2005 – Kyle Cummings, Ken Henrickson, Robert Hyman, David Powers, Steve Tursi
2004 – Stony Burk, Rick Hartman, Glenn Van Vliet
2003 – Chuck Bickes, Nikki Hemphill
2002 – Chris Butler, Lee and Bill Strickland, Jean Trousdale, Tim Webb, Gary White
2001 – Peter Anderson, Beckie and Dave Covil, Peter Zuffaleto

It is governed by Section 8.2 of the bylaws.

8.2 Frank Ashley Award
The Frank Ashley Award is made in recognition of significant volunteer service to the Highpointers Club in the year prior to the annual membership meeting. The Frank Ashley Award shall consist of a certificate of appreciation from the Highpointers Club signed by the President. The Awards Committee shall put a call for nominations in the first (1st) quarter Newsletter. Any active member may nominate an active member for the Frank Ashley Award by submitting the nominee’s name to the Awards Chairperson. Honorary members are also eligible for this award. Nominations shall be secret and submitted only to the Awards Chairperson or his/her delegate. Recipients of this award shall be determined by a secret majority vote of the Board of Directors from nominees submitted to the Board by the Awards Chairperson. The Frank Ashley Award(s) shall be presented at the annual membership meeting. It is not required that the Frank Ashley Award be given each year nor is it limited to one individual in any one year. If warranted, multiple awards are encouraged. The Board of Directors shall maintain criteria for recipients of this award.

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