Highpointers Club Contacts

Here’s a list of contacts for the club.

Web Site:
Contributions, comments, questions or changes regarding this website should be directed to the Justin Sutton at: justinrsutton@gmail.com.

Joan Bauman is the club’s Membership Chairman. All membership inquiries and highpoint count updates (The membership chairman has historically maintained the record of numbers of state highpoints climbed by the members) can be directed to membership@highpointers.org.

A list of membership benefits is available online. You can apply for club membership either online or via USmail.

Renewals may be made in the same way. Be sure to write anywhere on the application that it is a renewal and follow the same procedure as joining.  We want to keep you as updated as possible so please give us the most latest information that you have at the time.

If you are joining the club or are requesting membership information as a result of the information provided on this web site, please include a short note indicating that that’s the case. It’ll give the club a way to determine how many new members are generated as a result of this web site.

John Mitchler is the newsletter editor. Contributions (Highpointer news, articles, updates, photos and other info), comments or questions regarding the club’s quarterly newsletter should be directed to:

Highpointers Newsletter
Highpointers Club
P.O. Box 1496
Golden, Colorado 80402
e-mail: newsletter@highpointers.org

If you would like your information to also appear on the website, please send it separately to the website highpointersclub@gmail.com.

Past issues of the newsletter are available by contacting the Newsletter Editor (use Highpointers Newsletter address above). A compendium of back issues of the newsletter is available at the Merc.

Board of Directors:
The current Board of Directors can be viewed here. If you have questions or information for the club’s Board of Directors, the President of the Board can be reached at:

Tim Webb
e-mail: tim.webb@highpointers.org

Annual Conventions:
As an all volunteer C-7 Social Club, our annual conventions are run by our members.  Our Convention Leader Nikki Hemphill can be reached at greyghost92@yahool.com if you are interested in joining her “crew”.

Press/marketing related questions can be directed to Justin Sutton (justinrsutton@gmail.com) or John Mitchler (newsletter@highpointers.org).

If none of the contact information provided above is applicable, then feel free to contact the webmaster for this website, Justin Sutton at: justinrsutton@gmail.com and he shall endeavor to put you in contact with the appropriate individual.

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