Author: Rick Hartman

The First Thirty is an updated compendium of Rick Hartman’s S.O.S. articles from the Apex to Zenith newsletters.

Bound copies of the “Apex to Zenith” newsletter when Jakk Longacre was editor (1987-1998)

Authors: Diane and Charlie Winger

The 2011 special reprint and update of their popular 2002 book.

Lessons from Everest

Reg. $19.00
Sale: $10.00

Author: Tim Warren

Special Item!

Lessons Tim Warren learned about himself in a failed attempt to summit Everest and how he applied them to a successful attempt a year later. He then applies these lessons to life. A great read!

Author: Jeff Blumenfeld

Special Item!

Jeff Blumenfeld who got the Coleman Company to sponsor his highpointing trip tells you how to get sponsors. Jeff gives a special nod to Jack and the Highpointers Club.

Not Won in a Day – Canadian Highpoints

Reg. $15.00
Sale: $10.00

Author: Jack Bennet

Special Item!

Jack Bennett’s guide (published in 1999) to the Canadian Highpoints.

Author: Jim Mick

Special Item!

Jim Mick’s tale of a six-week motorcycle trip to visit the 48 contiguous state highpoints

Authors: Diane and Charlie Winger

Diane and Charlie Winger’s highpoint guidebook published in 1999.

Author: Don Holmes

Don Holmes fleshed out Jakk Longacre’s plans for the Highpointers Club. His book was one of the first to be used by highpointers. It’s been updated in 2000.