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See the photo gallery of the authorized visitation dates by Peter Anderson.
2001 Open Access Dates
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Sunday, February 18th
  • Sunday, May 27th
  • Sunday, July 1st
  • Sunday, September 2nd
  • Sunday, October 7th
Record crowds visit Jerimoth Hill on May 28
By Dave Covill

[Note: 70 people visited on July 3]
An AP article on the Rhode Island issue is available here.

82 people visit Rhode Island on May 28.  That brings the total visits since the Club started coordinating visits that 252 have visited the summit (130 in 3 visits in 1999 and 122 in 2 visits this year).

Another good item is that an additional (Sunday, Oct. 8th) has been added.

A testimonial is available here.

"Open Flags" on Rhode Island Summit Does Not Mean It's Open!
By Peter Anderson (Geog)

If you drive past the Richardson's and you see flags flying  that have a  single word: OPEN, this is not an indication that a person may cross the  Richardson's property to visit the highpoint boulder. The only 'acceptable'  time to   visit the highpoint boulder, crossing the Richardson's property to Brown  University  property, is the Highpoint Club sponsored 'open dates.' 

The flags have caused a few problems with trespassing, however the flags are  part of   the Richardson's business pursuits. 

Rhode Island Open Access Dates Announced!
by Dave Covill


Great news! We have had 3 very successful open access dates at Jerimoth Hill, highpoint of RI in 2001. The July 17th, September 5th, and October 9th dates resulted in slightly more than 130 highpointers being able to get to the actual high ground on Jerimoth Hill.

Many thanks are due to Randy Given, Bob Newson, and especially Pete Anderson, for volunteering to be "on duty" and supervise the access, provide info, maintain safety while parking on a highway, and interact with the owners of the land adjacent to the Brown University property where the highpoint lies. We have had a lot of correspondence from people who drove or flew great distances, and planned entire vacations around these open access dates. All said they were grateful to the Richardsons, Henry and Ed, for allowing them this opportunity.

Special thanks to Ray Covill for very helpful maps and photos of the highpoint area while visiting October 9th, and to Garvin Louie for highpoint photos taken July 17th.

While this been occurring, we have asked all highpointers, via the Newsletter and the websites, to stay away during all other times, or simply visit the sign by the highway. Most have done so, and we have had letters and calls from folks saying they have waited, but want to know when the next dates will be.

We have been working very hard since October, trying to convince the Richardsons that the only way they will get a little privacy is to allow the Club and it's members, and other casual highpointers who are not members, to come and visit when the dates are set, and to stay away the rest of the time. They would prefer that no one ever visits, but a highpoint is a highpoint, and if you survey it, they will come. And they came. In droves, dozens of people a month, many in the evening or night, hoping to stealth visit. The situation deteriorated in the early 90's to a point where the Richardsons were calling the local law enforcement with regularity. Brown U. has maintained an official position of no access, to the best of our knowledge, but has not contacted the Club. The situation seems to have improved a bit, although they are still plagued by random visitation.

According to figures compiled by our onlocation volunteers, data indicates that up to a 1/3 of all visitors on the open access dates were not Club members, and they hadn't even heard of an open access date, they were just stopping by. We pointed out to the Richardsons that many visitors are not affiliated with the Club, and may be solitary highpointers, or locals looking for something out of the ordinary to do. The Richardsons have had a great deal of visitation the past few years, substantially more than during the 1980's. They cherish their privacy, and feel strongly that they have a legal right to control the access. Please respect this, and resist temptation to visit the actual highpoint until an open access date.

The neighbors to the east have been friendly and willing to allow access onto their property, but they are not capable of granting access onto Brown University property, only Brown U. is. The Richardsons work with Brown, who must use the Richardsons driveway every time they drive or walk back to their astronomy equipment.

Apparently Brown U. is comfortable with the Richardsons judgement as to who gets to walk back there, as long as they do so with the Richardsons permission. We pursued this angle in 1999, hoping that it would be the easiest and most clearcut solution. The Richardsons have agreed to extend the program for another year. They have agreed to 4 Open Access Dates in 2000:

We are in the process of erecting a sign by their driveway, and under the State of RI highway sign, which will broadcast these dates and our message. These coincide nicely with Holiday Weekends. If you must visit at other times, stay away from the Richardsons property for sure. As you know, the Club recognizes the sign as valid for visiting this highpoint. We want to ensure access, and make the Richardsons feel like they don't live in a zoo, and ensure that Brown's concerns regarding their property are met as well.

Thank you for your patience, and every time you visit White Butte, or Hawkeye Point, or Panorama Point, or Mt. Sunflower, or Hoosier Hill, or Driskill Mtn, or Backbone Mtn, or Campbell Hill, or Mt Arvon, or Charles Mound, or Jerimoth Hill, please, go out of your way to tell the landowners how much you truly appreciate them.

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