Tables and Maps and Lists! (oh my)

We present a summary of sortable tables and Lists! articles here.

While lists are nice, having a sortable table version can be handy. Here are a few tables of interest:

One of Jack Longacre’s favorite columns in the Apex to Zenith newsletter was the Lists! column. Who doesn’t love a list! [Well, maybe not the “honey do” list]. We even have a list of Lists!:

  • #119-17q4 p27 [Andy Martin and others] Second Lap for US States - peakbagger
  • #118-17q3 p17 [Newsletter] Moon's Named Mountains - wiki
  • #118-17q3 p17 [John Mitchler] Highest Golf Courses
  • #117-17q2 p21 [Greg Slayden, Andy Martin] The Contiguous USA Ultras - peakbagger
  • #115-16q4 p26 [Greg Slayden, Andy Martin] North America Continent Highpoints - peakbagger
  • #112-16q1 p37 [Greg Slayden, Andy Martin] Mexico State Highpoints - peakbagger
  • #110-15q3 p29-30 [Greg Slayden] Europe Country Highpoints - peakbagger
  • #109-15q2 p29 [Greg Slayden] Non-Sierra CA 10,000 Foot Peaks - peakbagger
  • #108-15q1 p24 [Basement Cartographer] World's Lowest Highpoints - peakbagger, wikipedia
  • #108-15q1 p24 [Greg Slayden] World Peaks with 1000km of Isolation - peakbagger
  • #104-14q1 p32 [Andy Martin] Extreme NEWS Summits - wikipedia
  • #104-14q1 p32 [Lanny Wexler] Solar System Highpoints - wikipedia, smithsonian
  • #100-13q1 p16 [Andy Martin] Most Prominent Peak other than State HP
  • #99-12q4 p8 [Jerry Brekhus] Highest Hills
  • #94-11q3 p29 [Steve Gruhn] First Recorded Ascents of State HPs
  • #88-10q1 p26-27 [Tom DeRoo] Second Highest Points - Penultimate Peaks List
  • #88-10q1 p25 [David Olson, John Mitchler] Second Highest Points
  • #88-10q1 p7-9 [Jack Bennett] Highpoints of Canada - part 3 of 3 - peakbagger
  • #87-09q4 p18-19 [Aaron Maizlish and others] World's Top 50 Summits with the Most Prominence - peaklist, peakbagger
  • #87-09q4 p6-8 [Jack Bennett] Highpoints of Canada - part 2 of 3 - peakbagger
  • #86-09q3 p6-8 [Jack Bennett] Highpoints of Canada - part 1 of 3 - peakbagger
  • #77-07q2 p9-10 [Andy Martin] Deepest Holes in the 50 States - map
  • #75-06q4 p17 [Climbing mag] Dirty Seven [Toughest of the Lower 48]
  • #75-06q4 p17 [Climbing mag] Super Seven [Toughest of each continent] - peakbagger
  • #75-06q4 p17 [Sheperd] Historic Highpoints [Natl Register of Historic Places]
  • #75-06q4 p17 [Frontier Airlines mag] Business Schools by Elevation
  • #75-06q4 p17 [Janet and Casey Howell] Presidential Libraries - libraries
  • #75-06q4 p17 [Mike Bromberg] All 138ers of the Contiguous USA - list
  • #75-06q4 p17 [Mike Bromberg] 100 Highest Peaks of the Contiguous USA - summitpost
  • #67-04q4 p31 [Jerry Brekhus] Highest Paved Roads by State
  • #64-04q1 p23 [Dave Rabiger] The Fifty Highest or Fifty Best?
  • #63-03q4 p35 [Newsletter] You might be a Highpointer if ...
  • #63-03q4 p35 [Philip Hassrick] All 26 Beartooths Above 12,000ft
  • #61-03q2 p34 [Ron Tagliapietra] Nearest Higher Summits for the 50 State Highpoints
  • #60-03q1 p34 [Ron Tagliapietra] Highest 100 Peaks in the Eastern USA - peakbagger

While there are some links to online versions of the lists, it would be wise to read the associated article in the newsletter. The article provides background to the list and highlights some of its entries.