US Territories

The United States has several non-State entities as well which you may be interested in summitting. The most notable one is the District of Columbia. Others may be interested in the 5 populated territories (American Samoa, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands). There are 11 additional territories – 3 in the Atlantic and 8 in the Pacific.

The following map/table data is gathered from internet resources such as “Wikipedia”, the “CIA Factbook” and other online articles. It is suggested that you start with wikipedia’s “Territories of the United States” which describes the history and nuances of all the types of territories.

The elevations and locations of the 11 unpopulated territories should be taken as estimates only. Remember that many of the US Minor Outlying Islands (the 8 unpopulated territories in the Pacific) have been heavily modified from WWII onward. If you find the “true” highpoint today, it would be hard to tell whether it was man-made or not. Peakbagger provides a ranked list of all the “United States State/Territory High Points” so you can see how the District of Columbia and the 5 populated territories compare to the state highpoints. Please note that special permission is required to land on many of the unpopulated territories (wildlife refuge, military, etc).

[You may re-sort this table by clicking the small arrows found in the column headers.]
[inc/uninc – whether it is an incorporated or unincorporated territory]
[org/unorg – whether it is an organized or unorganized territory]
[pop – whether it is populated or not]

(trip report)
District of Columbia
(federal district, pop)
Fort Reno 410
American Samoa
(uninc, org, pop, Pacific)
Lata Mountain 3169
(uninc, org, pop, Pacific)
Mount Lamlam 1332
Northern Mariana Islands
(uninc, org, pop, Pacific, commonwealth)
Agrihan 3166
Puerto Rico
(uninc, org, pop, Atlantic, commonwealth)
Cerro de Punta 4390
US Virgin Islands
(uninc, org, pop, Atlantic)
Crown Mountain 1556
Baker Island
(uninc, unorg, Pacific)
unnamed 26
Howland Island
(uninc, unorg, Pacific)
unnamed 10
Jarvis Island
(uninc, unorg, Pacific)
unnamed 23
Johnston Atoll
(uninc, unorg, Pacific)
Summit Peak 16
Kingman Reef
(uninc, unorg, Pacific)
unnamed 5
Midway Islands
(uninc, unorg, Pacific)
unnamed 44
Palmyra Atoll
(inc, unorg, Pacific)
Sand Island 6
Wake Island
(uninc, unorg, Pacific)
Ducks Point 20
Bajo Nuevo Bank
(uninc, unorg, Atlantic)
unnamed on Low Cay 6
Navassa Island
(uninc, unorg, Atlantic)
Dunning Hill 253
Serranilla Bank
(uninc, unorg, Atlantic)
unnamed on Beacon Cay 3