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Highpointers Club Newsletter
Issue #56 - First Quarter 2002

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Summary of Items from Newsletter
John and Dave had a lot of fun with Issue #56 of the Highpointers Apex to Zenith Newsletter for the first quarter of 2002.  It will be one people will talk about for long time with it's April Fools pranks.  I suppose it's safe to say now:

1. There's no Jerimoth B&B
2. Boundary really is still the highpoint of Nevada
3. Club Directors salaries have not doubled (although 0 x 2 = ?)
4. Jakk has not taken a computer course to take over the newsletter
5. We're not having a convention on Denali in February
6. You don't have the guess the speed of the film of the photos
7. No Nine-year-old has finished all 50 highpoints (or become the youngest to climb Denali)
8. I haven't exchanged my dogs for highpointin' cats

The issue did have some nutty pictures that in fact were true -- such as the folks who go bare chested on highpoints and those who stand on their heads.  Here are highlights:

Here's a list of what's in the issue:

1. 48 Completers: Robert Welenofsky at age 62 and J. Norvill at age 72
2. Roger Rowlett Chairman's Column on several initiatives (including museum and completer book)
3. Chris Covill's Teen Corner Conversation with 11-year-old Steve Stone
4. Election of Officers to the Board (9 vying for 5 positions) -- make sure you submit your vote  by May 10!  Incumbents Jakk Longacre, Craig Noland, George Vandersluis.  New Candidates: Ken Akerman, Bill Deitzer, Ed Fronheiser,  Gary Iverson, Chuck Shom, Penn Watson
5. Fifty Flags Over America (submit entries to Jean Trousdale (jtrousdale@mmcable.com) Flags pictured included: Terry Fox on West Virginia, Kyle Atkins on Mount Sunflower; Karen Coleman on Taum Sauk and Carl Schwartz on Iowa
6. Klimbin Kollaborator requests for Denali, Granite, Gannett, Colorado Fourteeners and Southwest and Midwest Highpoints
7. Roger Rowlett Interview with County Highpointer Andy Martin
8. Mark Hall's report on favorite highpoint restaurants (based on Forum postings)
9. List of Useful Books for County Highpointing
10. A description of the difference between county and state highpointing
11. My highpointers.org column on backcountry news events since 9/11
12. David Meltzer describing prominence (including a list of the world's top 50 peaks based on prominence)
13. Jean Trousdale's information on the Highpointers Convention - Sept. 19-22 on Black Mesa (along with the registration form).
14. Byron Ward's announcement that the 50/50 project is postponed (although they might try to climb 48 in 50 days this summer).
15. A lot of cool photos in the Milestones section including Bob Welenofsky perching precariously on Half Dome in Yosemite
16. The winning design by Roger Johnson for the new 25-state pin.
17. Details of the April 27 Highpointers Brunch in New York City
18. Ron Tagliapietra's new books "Waterfalls of the States"
19. Jim Mick's new book "High on A Wing"
20. Jack Parsell has new editions of his "America's Lowest Points" and "Tri State Corners in the United States"
21. Tonya Sykes on progress on the Highpointers Foundation
22. Kimball Chamber of Commerce Nebraska Highpoint T-Shirts
23. Bob Failing reports on his European highpoint visits (Gerlachovsky in Slovakia, Coma Pedrosa in Andorra, Gibralter, Torre in mainland Portugal, Ponta do Pico in the Azores for Portugal.
24. Matt Mueller on Jordan's highest point Jabal Umm al Dami
25. Bob Packard on Jebel Toubkal, highpoint of Morocco
26. Dead Sea Predicted to Disappear by 2050