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      [Ed: Imported from Americas Roof ‘Summit Trip Reports’ forum]
      [By: Jerry Bresnahan on March 13 2004 at 6:42 PM]

      I reached the peak of “High Point”, the Highpoint of New Jersey at 1,803 feet, on Sunday afternoon, October 26th, 2003. It was my 13th state highpoint.

      After our week together in Virginia Beach I decided to spend a few more days with my Dad at his home in NJ. He’s a bit lonely and doesn’t get out much anymore since my Mom died last year in early November shortly after her birthday. I decided to drive to New Jersey’s highpoint on Sunday hoping that the Monument would be open on weekends. I asked my Dad if he wanted to come along with me but he declined the invitation. Apparently the excitement of Delaware’s highpoint last week was too much for him.

      I drove northwest from my childhood home in Kenilworth, NJ, enjoying the fall colors, and reached High Point State Park at 2:15PM. There was no one at the park entrance collecting any fees. The monument was not open and judging from the debris scattered on the floor of the inside of the monument it appeared that it has not been open recently. The outside of the monument and the park grounds looked good and well maintained and there was an abundant crowd visiting the park and the highpoint. It was a nice fall day, 65 degrees and cloudy, but the winds at the summit made it feel much colder. I enjoyed the views and took a leisurely hike along the trails around the highpoint. This was a beautiful area and I am amazed that I had never been here before, especially being that I lived in NJ the first 18 years of my life. I spent much of my summers and most of my weekends, after I got my driver’s license, hiking and rock climbing the hills and cliffs of northern New Jersey. I frequently drove to the Delaware Water Gap, which was my favorite place. I thought it was the most beautiful and spectacular place I had ever seen. Of course I had not been to the Rockies at that point in my life. Now, after doing much traveling throughout the world, I think the most beautiful place I have been is the Rocky Mountains, especially the area of Glacier National Park and Banff in Canada. I have seen a lot of beautiful places, and I particularly love the Big Island of Hawaii, but the Rockies are truly majestic.

      After leaving High Point State Park I crossed into New York and Pennsylvania and drove south on US 209, along the west side of the Delaware River, through what is now The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. I still enjoy the beauty of this area.

      I arrived home well after dark, missing the dinner hour as I did many times when I was a teenager. I almost expected my Mom to be waiting with one of her looks, ready to scold me for being late for dinner again. That would have been nice.

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