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      [Ed: Imported from Americas Roof ‘Summit Trip Reports’ forum]
      [By: mark on January 6 2003 at 11:33 PM]

      …on 12/19 i drove south on U.S. 167, west on I-20, and south on state route 507…just following highway signs and a good map of Louisiana. As this website reads, the Mt. Zion church and Driskill Cemetery were on the northish side of the street, route 507. The only possible trail/dirt road leads up from the outhouses by the church. The trail had a few signs at various points where one could veer off course onto other 4wd roads. These signs said things like “NO NO NO” and “Driskill Mtn. thatta way.” So after a nice sunshiney little walk, i found the summit, trail register, sign, and USGS marker. HP #6! I was feeling so guilty about the ease of this, that on the way back, i turned left and went up the wrong mountain (“NO NO NO”) just so i could have the same experience that our highpointing trailblazers had. (This hill was as notably lovely as the Driskill summit.) Actually the LA highpoint got me thinking about the lack of orienteering challenge in state highpointing now, and about the arbitrary (but not necessarily negative) concept of what i was doing. How could i make this more unique? (besides not buying the guide books…hehe) I’m not too into the idea of doing something odd at each highpoint (the first person on each highpoint to sing Louie Louie while doing pushups). Has anyone ever tried reaching the exact geographic and/or elevation MID-point of each state? This could be a real neat orienteering challenge…and would require diving experience for Hawaii! How about being the first person to circumnavigate each state?…
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