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      [By: Kevin Baker on July 25 2004 at 7:04 PM]

      Trip Report-Boundary Peak, NV 13140′
      Highest point in Nevada
      7.5 miles RT, 3500′ gain from Queen Canyon saddle
      3hr 57 min up
      3hr 20 min down

      My wife and I began a western highpoint assault with Boundary Peak, to be followed by Whitney and Humphries. I had read quite a few trip reports about the approach from the northeast via Queen Canyon. Some recommended it compared to the standard route, others didn’t. Since the standard route entailed an additional 900′ gain and routefinding through sagebrush, it was a no-brainer for me. We stayed in the wild town of Tonopah, NV the night before at a Ramada Inn complete with slot machines. Odd combination indeed! I figured it would not be a good idea to force my wife to car camp the night before after driving 700 miles. Tonopah is about 75 miles east of the border with CA and we made it to the Queen canyon saddle at 9900′ at around 6:20am. The southbound road is easily found 1 mile east of the CA border on US-6, then stay on the good road to some mines. From here, even a low clearance 4WD such as my Hyundai Santa Fe can make it up the switchbacks to the saddle.

      The day looked promising with little wind and warm conditions, so we left at 6:40am. Dave Covill put in his report to stay high out of the trees when gaining the northeast ridge, so when the trail looked like it was about to dive into the woods, I cut to the left and went straight up the slope. The trail is now well defined all the way to Trail Canyon saddle, so follow it all the way. Jenni was having problems with gear, etc., so we were moving at a rather pedestrian pace to the saddle, even though it is easy walking on or below the ridge. The trail then loses around 100′ or so of elevation and joins the standard route at Trail Canyon saddle. We could see the summit while traversing this ridge, then it disappeared before getting to the wide 10800′ saddle. From here, it is about a 1.3 mile, 2300′ grunt up a pile of scree, although the trail is much more defined than I had feared.

      Jenni does not like hiking through rough scree and boulders, so it took us nearly 2 hours from the saddle to gain the summit. I was pleasantly surprised that the trail went right of the subpeak at around 12K, then contoured below it to intersect with the n.e. ridge to the summit. There are several towers to traverse around on either side of the ridge, but it was no big deal. At 10:37am, I was on top of NV with an awesome view of Montgomery Peak in CA. Jenni joined me a few minutes later and reported that she dropped the walkie-talkie amongst the boulders. We did not find it. The skies were pretty hazy from the fires in Yellowstone and other areas, so the Sierra Nevadas’ were a little hard to see. Since this was a Thursday, we saw nobody on the mountain all day. The register had a few recent entries, but not many for a state highpoint. We left after about an hour on the summit, and the weather looked good for a dry return with only a few high clouds.

      We took nearly as long to get down to the saddle as it did to ascend, as Jenni likes to take it slow on loose scree. I found 2 bottles of Poweraide somebody left at around 12500′, so I guickly gulped down one. I left the other for another lucky hiker. We took a break at the saddle, then headed back across the pleasant ridge to our car, arriving at 3pm. Boundary is a rather unpleasant hike as you are fighting steep scree quite a bit of the time, but I actually am getting used to this stuff, so it didn’t bother me. Jenni was thinking of bailing at the saddle, but she hung in there for her 31st state highpoint, #33 for me. On to Whitney!

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      Queens Canyon Road

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      [By: whhs on January 31 2005 at 1:05 PM]


      I went to Boundary Peak 12 years ago via Trail Canyon Road. I’d like to try Queens Canyon so could you give me a description of how good or bad the road is? I will be renting some kind of SUV (like a Bronco) and I do not what to damage the vehicle.

      Last time I was in a cargo van and it was a tight squeeze on Trail Canyon Road.

      I’d appreciate any advise on road access to Boundary.



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        Queen Canyon approach

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        [By: Kevin Baker on February 4 2005 at 1:43 AM]


        Any stock SUV with moderate clearance will get you to the saddle below Kennedy Point. I made it up in a Hyundai Santa Fe, which does not have all that high of clearance without any problems. There are a couple of switchbacks that are tight, so I wouldn’t take something like a wide wheel base pickup up there. I recommend the ridge route. It’s very easy hiking across a gentle ridge with a little elevation loss to Trail Canyon saddle. From there, it’s a steep grunt up loose scree, but not bad.

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