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      [Ed: Imported from Americas Roof ‘Summit Trip Reports’ forum]
      [By: Mark Stauter on July 18 2007 at 3:46 PM]

      On Monday, 16 July, I found myself with an entire day to get from Onawa, Iowa, to Des Moines, Iowa, so I determined to visit Hawkeye Point “en route,” as it were.

      From Sibley, just take IA-60 NNE about three miles, and you’ll come to a signed turn-off for Hawkeye Point, which is just a few hundred yards to the east. However, I found that access to be blocked by the construction of a dual carriageway for this busy highway, so I continued on to the Iowa/Minnesota state line and went east a short distance and then took county road L44 south and then west along a county road, and a little north along a county road, and then west again to the Sterler farm. It’s easier and more intuitive than I made it sound, and normal access from IA-60 should be restored soon in any case.

      I arrived around 9:15a CDT, and was the only person there, and I observed no activity at the Sterler home. It’s a short walk to the celebrated high point at the south end of a disused hog trough. A metal box contains a visitors’ register and the famous keychains.

      This is a wonderful site, surrounded by corn and soybeans and silos. Many thanks to Mrs. Sterler for keeping it open for public access. This was highpoint #25 for me.

      Mark Stauter
      Rolla, Mo.

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