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      [By: markv on August 9 2005 at 8:13 PM]

      During the first week of May, i was in Florida with my friend Mark Butin for business, and we had time to drive north to highpoint. (Is highpoint a verb?) For Sassafrass Mountain, South Carolina, we did an overnighter on the Foothills Trail from Table Rock State Park. It was a great time of year to be there, with spring so new and green and thick that it felt nearly Amazonian. This is a beautiful trail section, rivaling the Roan Highlands and Humps section of the AT we were on later in our hiking trip. The Table Rock half was along classic stream and rock formations, and as the trail rose in the western half, a series of balds afforded views across the Appalachians. We set camp on top of one of these balds 5 miles in, and then hiked the remainder to the most unattractive of summits. The hike back was a little dicey in the dark and rain, but the next morning’s clear view from camp and hike out were pretty great. We did a spur trail up Mt. ? (dang, no map with me) on the way back…a county hp i think. This route was as nice as any i’ve been on in the southeast.
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