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      [Ed: Imported from Americas Roof ‘Summit Trip Reports’ forum]
      [By: MalibuBill on October 26 2007 at 7:17 PM]

      We set out from Annapolis using our Auto Club triptik on October 12, 2007. Big mistake. Neither of us know the area but would have respectfully declined the trip on 50 directly through the seat of government. After seemingly interminable traffic we finally headed west through Virginia under threatening clouds. We planned to visit Backbone and Davis and then head to Hershey with a hoped for arrival time of 7 p.m. at the latest. The traffic snarl, which included two of DC’s finest standing and observing a wrecked car blocking two traffic lanes, helped us miss that time.

      Eventually we headed into WV and found the countryside ever prettier. In the higher country the trees were spectacular with their rainbow of fall colors. To my astonishment the peak actually had conifers – no wonder it’s Spruce Knob. All the way to the top there are only deciduous trees, then in the last couple of hundred feet those give way to the peak’s namesake. This was our favorite of a five highpoint (DE, NJ, WV, MD, PA) trip. It was quite cold on the summit, but, we braved the wind in the tower and gazed upon miles and miles of yellow and red trees. Definitely a fun spot, followed by a very nice drive on to Maryland. My 8th, my wife’s 7th.

      Loyalty to the country always – loyalty to the government when it deserves it
      ——— Mark Twain

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