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      [Ed: Imported from Americas Roof ‘Summit Trip Reports’ forum]
      [By: KYBob on September 2 2009 at 11:37 PM]

      Spruce Knob was my first high point that I went to specificily for the purpose of high pointing. At my previous two, Tennessee and Alabama, I had never heard of highpointing.

      I had attended my high school reunion in Charleston, West Virginia, and talked an old friend into doing some highpointing.

      I’m glad we hiked up to the observation deck at Seneca Rocks. Otherwise, we would not have gotten any exercise on this day. The road to the summit is paved. We got to the summit in the late afternoon. There were two cars from New York leaving the parking area as we arrived. We had the summit to ourselves.

      When we drove down from the summit, we turned right and took the forest service road along Gandy Creek to get back to U. S. 33 at Job. A hillside cemetery along the way caught our attention. Very pretty.

      After returning to Elkins, we had a great meal at Applebee’s and a restful night at a brand new Hampton Inn. The next morning, we were ready to visit Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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