Wheeler Peak-09/17/2004-via Williams Lake

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    [Ed: Imported from Americas Roof ‘Summit Trip Reports’ forum]
    [By: Roger Williams on October 16 2004 at 1:51 PM]

    What was your medication that interfered w/alcohol, & ? was it for? Just curious.
    Congrats on summitting Wheeler, which I climbed ~5 yr. ago. I hiked to Wms. Lake where I found confusing trails & wound up at a waterfall. Somebody put me on the right trail on the other side of the lake. The trail up Wheeler was so steep I just ran out of steam, an increasing problem at high altitude in recent years (guess K’jaro in 73 will remain my lifetime HP, no A’gua). I reached a knob at around treeline where I had lunch, came back down, arranged another night at the B&B down the valley I’d stayed at, and had a nice climb via Bull O’the Woods (didn’t see him) next day.
    Wms. Lake was beautiful–it had ice on it in the morning–but the trail was just too steep. I found the Bull route far better, and v. scenic despite the big dip in the middle, which I detoured round cross-country on the way back. Nice view from the summit but I couldn’t see that lake, Blue I think, the Indians took over and closed to all outsiders; I’d hoped to see it. A th’storm was coming up & left fresh snow on one of the lower peaks down the ridge. My energy was better though 2 Dutch women passed me on the way up despite coming from sea level vs. Boulder (5330′, 1625 m., or so).
    I visited Taos Pueblo on another trip, a one-off (one-time) experience. It was all right but there were too many rules. Lands and kivas round the central pueblo–interesting but just gift shops–off limits. No photos in the chapel (on in the Alamo in Texas) & can’t go forward. You can visit the cemetery though.
    Good luck on G’upe, a nice climb; it took me 5 hrs. When you get to the hitching rail you’re almost there. It was nice in May, warm but not hot, v. windy. I also recommend McKatterick (?) Cyn. & the steep nature trail, and of course, Carlsbad Cavern which is in the same range, a huge fossil reef. Went on to Odessa Tex & its small meteor crater (just off the freeway), then Okla. and its obscure but scenic Wichita & Arbuckle Mts., and Monument Rocks in Kansas.
    Roger Williams (63), Boulder.

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