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      [By: mark on December 25 2004 at 10:42 PM]

      ok , i noticed some people did not recommend the williams lake trail to the wheeler peak.. i have to dissagree… my girlfriend and I are not exactly high altitude hikers whatsoever… We were there summer 2003 … I was a smoker at the time and she of course was not… I didn’t think the trail was difficult at all.. we started around 1pm and reached 12,900 feet by 4pm … with may 3 5 minute breaks… unfortunatly some dark clouds rolled in and things started looking real ugly…. after some rain drops we decided to split… we pretty much ran down that insane nearly vertical trail… by the time we made it passed the lake again… it started down pouring something fierce…We made it back in one piece.. I’m moving to New Mexico in 2 days… I decided to give Philly a break… I can’t wait until Spring to hit that trail again… I want to try both trails this time… But my point is … I strongly recommend the Williams Lake trail… its beautiful also… the Marmots kick ass too.. I took my boots off to air out.. and the sucker found a lone sunflower seed in the bottom of my boot… I tried to discourage him from eating that particular seed but he didn’t care
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