General Membership Minutes – July 20, 2013, Millinocket, Maine

2013-2014 Highpointers Board of Directors
Below are the minutes of the Highpointers General Membership Meeting July 20, 2013 at Elks Lodge, Millinocket, Maine.

Minutes of General Membership Meeting

July 20, 2013 at Elks Lodge, Millinocket, Maine

The Highpointers General Membership meeting was held July 20, 2013, at Elks Lodge, Millinocket, Maine, during the 2013 Highpointers Convention organized by convention
chairman Mick Dunn. 219 members registered and 211 attended the meeting/banquet.

Master of Ceremony Don Holmes presided.

6:45pm – Introductions

Convention Chair Mick Dunn introduced the Head Table, Anita & Mark Picard, Jean Trousdale, Bill Guenther, Don Holmes, Mick Dunn, Ruth Anne Heselbarth, Mark Adam, Mark’s wife, and Nikki Hemphill.

M.C. Don Holmes recognized Michael Chessler for his door prizes, and delivered a couple jokes.

Hailey led the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by dinner and door prizes.

8:00pm – Old Business


8:00pm – New Business

Don Holmes recognized Wendy Comstock for the wildflower centerpieces, thanked the Elk Lodge servers, and introduced the Board of Directors.

Don recognized those who attended the most conventions (Penn Watson with 25 and John Mitchler with 22). This was the first convention for about 19 attendees.

Don presented a 50-Completer plaque to Dave Covill, Tim Townsend, Dan Carr, Kristen Kelliher.

Don recognized those who climbed Katahdin. Bill Guenther has done so 20+ times, Rick Moore 13 times, Mick Dunn many times, and most of the attendees at least once.

Don recognized 50 Completers (20 registered and 19 attended the banquet), 49, 48, 47, etc. done to about 5 people who only have visited one highpoint.

Don recognized the person traveling the farthest, Sjaak Van Schie, the youngest, Jasper O’Connell, the oldest, Rudy Vedovell, and four non-USA members.

President Tim Webb gave a brief review of the Board meeting actions.

Nineteen 50-Completers assembled for a group photo.

Don recognized the family with most members attending, the Howards with 9.

2014 Convention Host Todd Brown gave an update of the Tennessee convention to be held July 25 & 26 at the Double Tree Hotel in Gatlinburg.

Don allowed time for committee reports but none were given.

Don recognized the convention crew.

Don conducted the selection of the 2015 convention state. Jim Sutton nominated Iowa, which was selected unanimously.

Don awarded awards.

A special Certificate of Appreciation went to Jean Trousdale for her 16 years (she claimed 13 years) of heading the Mercantile, which Bomber Brown took over this past year.

Zumwalt Award (non-club members) went to Malcolm Stebbins, Leslie Skellenger, Rhonda Bateman, and Tanic Livic for their support of OR-12 convention, and to Karin Harmon for her support of the Utah highpoint.

Ashley Award (club members) went to Kenyon Stebbins for his work with the Marshall Diary, Kathy & Lyle Blomberg for their support of the Wisconsin highpoint, Linda & Blaine Sorenson for their support of the Utah highpoint, Al Dempsey for his support of the Minnesota highpoint,and Bill Guenther, Mark Adam, and Mick Dunn for their work on the ME-13 convention.

Vin Hoeman Award went to Jan & Ray Nelson for their work on the Membership Committee which underwent significant changes these past two years.

Bruce Marshall discussed the Apex Challenge, a proposal to put a team on every highpoint from June 29 to July 4, 2019. Bruce led the June 29, 1994 Apex Challenge which put teams on 47 highpoints.

Billy Urbanski conducted an auction for the Highpointers Foundation.

Mark Picard of Moose Prints Gallery was the featured speaker and presented outstanding wildlife photography.

Host Dunn provided a farewell to the attendees, and passed the HP banner to next year’s host,

Todd Brown.

Don Holmes adjourned.

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