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Illinois – 2019 Access Dates

Illinois – 2019 Access Dates 

Illinois Liaison, John Mitchler, recently met with the owners of Charles Mound and confirmed the following open access dates for next year, 2019:
Feb 16 & 17 (weekend of Presidents Day)
Jun 1 & 2
Jul 6 & 7
Aug 3 & 4
Sep 7 & 8

In addition to those traditional dates, the owners will allow visitation the days before and after the convention, which for now will be Jul 22-Aug 2. These will be confirmed again in early July.

During your visit, follow their 3 rules:
1) no cars up the lane
2) no pets
3) no after dark visits
Also, everyone should park on just one side of the county road, as far off the side as possible, to allow farm machinery to pass along the road

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  1. […] The music is “Sunshine” written by Kevin MacLeod of A fitting piece for the day. If you decide to visit Charles Mound make sure to go when it is open to the public. There are ten days of the year when you can stop in. You can find more information about access dates here. […]

  2. Please give latest access dates surrounding Highpointer Convention. Thanks.

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