Minutes July 30, 2007 to April 4, 2008

Below are the minutes for the actions and discussions taken by the HP Club Board of Directors by e-mail from the Wisconsin convention to the expiration of my term of office as Secretary. Please let me know of any additions and/or corrections. Also, please see to it that the new Directors receive this. Thanks.


July 30, 2007 through April 4, 2008

1. On behalf of Rick Hartman, Chair of the AZ 2008 Convention Committee,, Nikki Hemphill forwarded two requests from Rick. These requests were (1) that the Club defray the costs of attending AZ 2008 for about 20 “veterans” of AZ 1988, the second-ever HP Club convention, and (2) that these veterans be awarded a certificate of recognition. In response, Steve Urbanski proposed two motions:

(1) The Club will pay the costs for attending AZ 2008 for the surviving veterans; and
(2) The Club should honor these veterans with a certificate.

The motions were seconded by Stony Burk.

After considerable discussion, both motions were defeated. The first motion was defeated on a vote of 13 to 1, Urbanski voting in favor and Akerman not voting. The second motion was defeated by 12 to 2, Hemphill and Urbanski voting in favor and Akerman not voting.

2. Fred Lobdell moved that the Treasurer be directed to reimburse Dave Covill for his entertainment expenses for the Sterler family. Steve Urbanski seconded. After considerable discussion, the motion passed by a vote of 9 to 4 with 1 abstention and 1 not voting. There seemed to be a consensus among Directors that while this request might be approved, similar future requests should be submitted and approved in advance. Those voting No were Gamble, Hemphill, Karchesy, and Sutton. Webb abstained and Akerman did not vote.

3. Rick Hartman made two announcements regarding Coordinated Activities in conjunction with AZ 2008.

4. Craig Noland announced a small number of changes to the list of Honorary Members.

5. Tim Webb reminded members of the dedication ceremony for the plaque honoring Club founder Jack Longacre.

6. Will Mokszycki announced that the Highpointers Foundation had donated $5,000 to the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum.

7. Robert Hyman announced that the District of Columbia highpoint marker had been installed. He also posted a picture of the marker.

8. John Mitchler forwarded to the Board a communication from a Club member proposing that the Club might defray some of the expenses for members’ climbs of Denali. This proposal went nowhere.

9. Roger Rowlett announced that the state of Kentucky had assumed control of the coal museum, and would no longer handle the waivers required by Penn-Virginia Operating Company for access to Black Mountain. The waivers should now be sent to Steve Looney at Penn-Virginia. Craig Noland prepared a bulletin to be printed in the newsletter and also to be sent to all members for whom he had e-mail addresses, This is the first time e-mail notification of the membership had been tried.

10. Craig Noland proposed that the Club purchase a Trac Phone. He thought that this would prove especially useful in maintaining communication with our non-computerized members.

11. In response to the above suggestion, Tom Karchesy moved that the Club consider having a published phone number. This motion did not receive a second.

12. John Mitchler announced that there were 69 visitors to Charles Mound on the Sunday following WI 2007.

13. Tim Webb forwarded a request from Rick Hartman that he (Tim) send a letter to an Arizona bank authorizing Rick and Terry to set up a bank account in the Club’s name. After extensive discussion, Will Mokszycki moved that “Kopnvention hosts accept financial responsibilityfor planning and running conventions, and asking for club support if necessary after the fact.” Olivier Kozlowski seconded. The motion passed by a vote of 11 to 1 with 1 abstention and 2 not voting. Urbanski voted No, Karchesy abstained, and Akerman and Lobdell did not vote.

14. Robert Hyman made a motion to consider Washington, DC as a future convention site and to make a determination as to which region it fell in. Tom Karchesy seconded the motion and also offered an amendment: “The board shall consider how (the rules of process) to have a convention in acknowledgment of the Washington, DC highpoint.” The amendment was not seconded. After considerable discussion, the original motion was defeated by a vote of 10 to 3. Those voting in the affirmative were Hyman, Karchesy, and Urbanski. Not voting were Elliot and Webb.

15. Robert Hyman announced that the dedication ceremony for the DC highpoint marker was scheduled for April 19 at 11:00 a.m.

16. Will Mokszycki forwarded a post from Dave Covill regarding the finances and activities of the Highpointers Foundation. There was special attention devoted to the highpointing exhibit at the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum and what needed to be done to improve it.

17. Robert Hyman brought to the Board’s attention that the National Park Service and the Forest Service seem to be cracking down on the use of public lands for commercial purposes.

18. President Tim Webb announced that Election Chair Steve Gamble has certified the results of the election for Directors. Nikki Hemphill and Jim Sutton were re-elected; Don Holmes was elected again after a hiatus of two years; and Bill Deitzer and Alan Ritter re newcomers to the Board. Outgoing Directors are Ken Akerman, Fred Lobdell, and Craig Noland. As Membership Chair, Craig will retain an ex-officio, non-voting place on the Board.

19. Tim Webb announced that nominees for office are President, Tim Webb; Vice-President, Nikki Hemphill; Secretary, Jim Sutton; and Treasurer, Kevin Baker.

Take it away, Jim!

Respectfully submitted,
Fred Lobdell

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