Minutes of General Membership Meeting – June 9, 2012 at Timberline Lodge, Oregon

Minutes of General Membership Meeting – June 9, 2012 at Timberline Lodge, Oregon

The Highpointers General Membership meeting was held June 9, 2012, at Timberline Lodge, Government Camp, Oregon, during the 2012 Highpointers Convention organized by convention chairman John Mitchler. 277 people attended the meeting/banquet.

Master of Ceremony Don Holmes presided.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance led by Al Dempsey, Don introduced the head table, John Mitchler – Host, Tim Webb – President, Kenyon Stebbins – Speaker, Sally Stebbins – Kenyon’s wife, Doug Couch – President, Mazamas, Jeff Thomas – Photo Historian, Mazamas, Kathleen Walker – Westside Recreation Manager, USFS, Jack Grauer – Friday Speaker, Rudy Vedovell – Friday Speaker. Don then introduced the Board and John introduced he convention committee.

Don then recognized the 23 50-state List Completers in attendance, followed by traditional recognitions (completers by count, most conventions (Jack Parsell – all 26), four non-USA members, farthest traveler (Sjaak), shortest traveler (Feris), oldest (Parsell), youngest (Dean), most family (Vandersluis).

Old Business
President Webb welcomed the attendees and gave a brief review of the Board meeting actions.
Mick Dunn gave an update of the July 18-20, 2013, Maine convention.

New Business

Host John Mitchler introduced the Guest Speaker Kenyon Stebbins, whose father was the second person to visit the state highpoints (48 back in 1950), and had possession of the personal diaries of A.H. Marshall, the first person to visit the state highpoints (48 back in 1936).
Kenyon Stebbins gave the keynote speech as he discussed the diary of first completer A.H. Marshall and provided example entries of interest to state Highpointers.

Kenyon then presented the original diaries to the Mazamas club, with Doug Couch President receiving and gave an electronic copy to the Highpointers Club to place online.

Roy Wallen gave an update on Highpointers Foundation efforts including its bench project. The Highpointers Foundation was able to invest in a dozen new states this year, with its focus on installing eco-friendly benches at many trailheads, summits, and vistas. They also managed to install signs and kiosks. The Foundation reported setting a record for new donors as well as for repeat donors, and is poised to do that again in 2012. The Foundation auctioned off a ME-13 package at the Friday Social event at this convention, raising $1,000.

Bruce Marshall discussed a proposal to climb every summit on June 29, 2014 on the Apex Challenge 2 (Bruce led the June 29, 1994 Apex Challenge 1).

Todd Brown’s nomination of Tennessee for the 2014 convention when it rotates to the South region was approved on the first round of votes. John Mitchler/Steve Urbanski made a joint presentation on the merits of having a convention in either Florida or Arkansas.

There was no business raised from the floor.

Don Holmes presented the annual awards.
*Ardel Frick, Marie Feris, Charlie Feris, Rick Craycraft, Marion Bauman, Phyllis Whittington, Joe Whittington, Bob Bolton, Jack Grauer, Kathy Mitchler, John Mitchler – OR-12 Convention Committee
*Gene Elliott, Lillian Elliott – Maryland Highpoint Liaison
*Glenn VanVliet – Florida Highpoint Liaison
*Bill Guenther is Club Member who contacted private landowners thanking them for allowing access and sending them VT syrup.
*Bill McRae is longtime supporter of Britton Hill, Lakewood Park working with Glenn VanVliet.
*Bill Urbanski – Continued help during Conventions
*Chandra Pomes, Charles Barker, Callie Elliott, Brandy Webber, Lee Davis, Jeff Thomas – All supported the OR-12 Convention
*Gerald Robbins – Highway Superintendent, Support to Nebraska Highpoint
*Lillian Steele – Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, Support to Backbone Mountain, Maryland, Liaisons
*Plum Creek Employees – Owners and operators of Mt Avon, Michigan, who maintain access
*Lee Denton, Sandy Denton – Support to Maryland Highpoint Liaisons
*Tracy Barrett, Audrey Barrett, McKenzie Barrett, Darcey Barrett, Kensie Jahfetson – Support to Mt Arvon, Michigan
*Peggy Schwarz – OR-12 Mazama Lodge Coordinator
*Charles Barker – OR-12 Mazama Lodge Coordinator
*Don Jaunzemis & Robert Walker, Ohio Vo-Tech, Campbell Hill, longtime support of highpoint & club.
*Ed Pollock, Wayne County Resources, takes responsibility for maintaining ‘Hoosier Hill’, IN highpoint.

*Mark Comstock – Continued service during Conventions, “Watermelon Brigade”
*Wendy Comstock – Continued service during Conventions, “Water Melon Brigade”
*Miles Luke – Driskill Mountain, Louisiana, liaison

Host Mitchler provided a brief farewell to the attendees, followed by the passing of the pennant from Mitchler to Dunn.
Don Holmes adjurned.

Attached is the convention summary that appeared in the Third Quarter Apex to Zenith in 2012.

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  1. Kathleen Wolff says:

    Hello Fellow Highpointers!

    We would like to speak with Tim Webb and others on your board about an independent film we are creating on highpointing. Please let us know the best way to reach you by phone.


  2. Eric Lichtenstein says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    If you have not already gotten in touch with Tim, please email me at elichten@gmail.com. I am a member of the board and maybe can help you out.


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