Minutes of Highpointers Club General Membership Meeting on September 3, 2005

Following are the minutes of the 2005 Highpointers Club General Membership Meeting. They have been submitted by Tim Webb and are unofficial.


The traditional social hour was held from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The banquet proper began at 6:00 p.m. Emcee, Don Holmes, welcomed everybody and gave the usual instructions on how tables are selected to go to the buffet line. Door prizes were drawn and given out as the different tables were called to the buffet line. Our main entrees this year were lobster, steak and chicken. Somewhere in the midst of this, Don told jokes #1 and #7 (again).

This year’s Convention Committee was recognized consisting of P. Thom Davis, Stevo Harding and Peter Crane. Thom and Stevo both spoke to the group expressing their thanks for everyone attending the convention. Don had the 50 completers present to stand followed by the 49 completers, then all the way down to those with only 1 highpoint. This years attendees included people from Quebec, Ontario, Netherlands, as well as the United States. The Covill family was the largest in attendance with 8 people. Joyce Parsell was the oldest attendee at 86 years of age. The youngest in attendance was a girl of 9 months (from Massachussettes) whose name I have been unable to ascertain.

After dinner, Club Chairman, Roger Rowlett, gave a brief report detailing the Board of Directors Meeting, which was reportedly the shortest board meeting in the history of the Club.

Tim Webb spoke on behalf of the Jack Longacre memorial committee and unveiled the bronze plaque that will be placed on the site in Missouri. The committee consists of Jean Trousdale, Roger Rowlett, Craig Noland, Olivier Kozlowski and Stony Burk.

Chuck Bickes, Tom Folmar, Roland Kessler and Roger Truesdale were presented completer plaques. Frank Ashley awards were presented to Kyle

Cummings, Ken Hendrickson, Robert Hyman, David Powers and Steve Tursi. This year’s Vin Hoeman award was presented to Diane and Charlie Winger. Our emcee and Club President, Don Holmes, was presented with the Jack Longacre award, much to his surprise. Don is the third recipient of this award, in addition to Jack Longacre himself and Paul Zumwalt.

Sharmon Stambough gave a brief update on the progression of the 2006 convention in Ashville, North Carolina.

Next came the fun of selecting the convention site for 2007. The flying Urbanski’s presented a very well laid out plan for Ohio; however, after Jim Sutton’s campaign for Wisconsin, followed by the majority of those present chanting “cheese”, Wisconsin won out for the 2007 convention.

After a brief intermission, Rick Wilcox began his slide presentation “My Life in the Mountains” and the 1991 New England Everest expedition.

The banquet was adjourned after Mr. Wilcox’s presentation. See you all next year in North Carolina.

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