Apex to Zenith - Issue 60 - First Quarter 2003

Articles On Line
Note From Editors 2
Jack's Final Wish Update by Jean Trousdale 2
International Scattering of Jack Longacre's Ashes (Barbara Gurtler on Carstensz Pyramid; Chuck Bickes on Mount Everest; and Penelope May on Kilimanjaro) 3
Brook Troute Leiphart 50 Completion 4
Don Pinyan 48 Completion 4
Comments on -40 McKinley Rescue 5
Comments on Backbone's Record Snow and Alaska's No Snow 5
Don Holmes Presidents Message 6
Charlie Winger on Liaison Update (Ryan J. Mansfield is new Washington helper) 6
Don Holmes Article on Awards 7
Will Mokszycki on Washington 2004 Plans ($800/$1000 guided Rainier climbs) 7
Roger Rowlett Chairman Column 8
Diane Winger Volunteer Opportunities (HP Merc Assistant; Tax Accounting; Secretarial; Internet Research; Scanning; Newsletter Indexing; Highpointers Foundation) 8
Candidates for Board (Dave Covill; Don Holmes; Robert Failing; Chuck Shom; Jean Trousdale; Tim Webb; Diane Winger) 9
New Members 10
Highpoint Updates 11
Dave Olson List of First County Completers 13
Lorrie Krontz (Jack Longacre's daughter) Letter 14
Obituaries for Lila Zumwalt and Christine Walker 15
Rick Hartman Safety on Summits Column on Insulation 16
Illinois 2003 Convention Information 18
Roger Rowlett's Interview with Jack and Joyce Parsell 23
Comments By Don Berens, Dennis Whitehead and George Johnson on Jack and Joyce Parsell 26
Iraq Highpoint; Climbing in Iran; Stephen Drake at Thailand's northern most point 29
Charlie Winger on Guam Highpoint; Ginge Fullen on Maldives 2.5 Meter Highpoint 30
Klimbin Kollaborator including John Mitchler's April 26 gathering in Golden and Darla Hueske's selling of a book on the Apex Challenge on June 29, 1994 32
Denali Records 33
Ron Tagliapietra's Highest 100 Peaks of the Eastern USA (5,220 feet and above) 34
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