Apex to Zenith - Issue 61 - Second Quarter 2003

John and Dave's Note 2
Scattering of Jack Longacre's Ashes Internationally (Gabriel Sitlinger on provincial highpoints of Austria; Barbara Gurtler on Mount Fuji; Al Welenofsky to the British Isles; Stuart Smith up Mount Elbrus and Vinson Massif and Stuart Randolph up Chimborazo and Carstenz Pyramid ) 2
Jean Trousdale update on the 50 highpoints 3-4
Jack Parsell sharing a Jack Longacre letter from 1986 4
Lonnie Haynes - 48 Completer 5
Ralph Renninghoff "Highpoint Ramblings" Poem 6
Color Photos! 7
George Vandersluis Le Cache 8
Don Holmes President's Message on the New Board 9
Diane Winger on Volunteer Opportunities 9
Roger Rowlett Chairman Column 10
Craig Noland on New Members 11
Highpoint Updates including Glenn Van Vliet on new trails at Britton Hill and Jill & Glenn Kalwonn on selling bison meat from the Nebraska highpoint 12-14
Rick Hartman's Safety on Summits Focusing on Clothing 15
Aron Ralston in the news 16
Fred Lobdell County Highpointer 17
Roger Rowlett Interview with Don Holmes 18-21
Charles Mound Convention 22-26
Correspondence 27
Regional Gatherings - Southeast on Leconte; Colorado at John Mitchler's House and a Wendy Hecht gathering in Madison, Wisconsin 28-29
Mark Styczynski questions the terms of the Kentucky liability waiver 30
Barb Gurtler on climbing Mont Blanc, Swiss peaks and even an authorized climb of Colorado's Culebra 31
Jean Trousdale on Fifty Flag thank yous from Rudy Giuliani, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Gov. George Pataki, Mark Schweiker 32
K. Kyle Atkins on Tips for First Time Denali Climbers 33
Ron Tagliapietra List of Nearest Higher Summits for the 50 State Highpoints 34
Lisa Eidson on Highest Volcano in the U.S. -- 16,421 foot+ Mount Bona in Alaska 35
Interesting Nuggets in the Scree at the Alaska Mountaineering School, Nathcez Trace, Taum Sauk B&B, Leadville Hostel and Rainier Treehouse 36
Milestones and More Color Photos 37-40
Gary Iversen on Highpointing Making You a Better Team Player 41-42
Latest Highpointing Book -- "To The Top" by Joe Glickman and Tracey Daniels 42
Merc and Things to Buy 43
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