Apex to Zenith - Issue 63 - Fourth Quarter 2004

3 - Jack's Final Wish -- all states completed except Wyoming
4 - Fred Dale's Article on Jack Longacre Mississippi Memorial with Tim Webb, david Dale, Paul Zukas and of course Fred
5 - Reprint of Candus Thomson May 6, 2003, Baltimore Sun article on Jack memorials -- "Forever at his peaks across the country, the Highpointers Club honors its founder
6 - Color photos of Jack's Wish -- Jan and Ray Nelson and 12 on Eagle Mountain; Rick Hartman and Pen May on Mount Whitney; Goride Comstock and Sjaak van Schle on Granite Peak; taps on Guadalupe, Carol Emien and family on White Butte; Sam Snyder and Charle Zerphey on Mount Davis
7 - Color photos -- 50 Completers: Jay Wiener, Jill and Rich Smith, Doug Butler; 48 Completers: Mario Locatelli, Mark Sikorski
8 - 50 Completer Doug Butler (with sidebar on MD's completers)
9 - 50 Completers Dave Johnston, Cari Sayre, Galen Johnston; Jay Wiener
10 - 50 Completers Jill and Rich Smith
11 - 48 Completer Mario Locatelli (written by his daughter Cathy Erick of Mountain Life Realty in Hamilton, MT.)
13 - 48 Completer Mark Sikorski
14 - Deadline for running for Board of Directors is Feb. 10.  Send email and 75 word statement to Ken Akerman
15 - Don Holmes President's Column; Roger Rowlett's Chairman Column focusing on Jack's scattering on Mount Marcy
17 - Craig Noland's column on renewing memberships online
18 - New Members
19 - Steve Urbanski and historical highpoints of U.S. based on date of entry into U.S. (Delaware/Pennsylvania/Georgia/North Carolina/Texas/California/Alaska)
19 - Sue Johnston's quest to climb each the 48 New Hampshire 4000+ foot peaks each month of the year
20 - Moscow Times article on Elbrus as drive up
20 - Robert Hyman on climbing Mount Owen -- second highest peak in Tetons
21 - Oliver Kozolowski on finishing Jack's Signpost
21 - Diane & Charlie Winger's new Sand Dunes Guidebook
22 - Application form for 2004 Washington Convention (June Stevens in Fall City, WA is taking the applications)
24 - Highpoint Updates including improvements on Florida by Glenn Van Vliet; Don Holmes article noting that in 1934 three USGS markers indicated three places higher than 1,640 feet in Iowa although the Sterler farm was never declared the highpoint until 1972
25 - The Bienville Parish Tourism group recently placed a new sign on Driskill Mountain
27 - Team Nomad's Bicyle/hiking trip to seven New England peaks in seven days
28 - K. Kyle Atkins on Trekking Poles
30 - New book Select Peaks of Yellowsotne
31 - Gerry Roach, John Mitchler and Dave Covill are working on new book of National Park highpoints
31 - Jack Bennett seeking volunteers in the summer of 2004 to look for Dan Pauze and Susan Barnes who disappeared while climbing the highpoint of Quebec/Newfoundland Mts. D'Iberville/Caubvick
31 - Lillian Elliott is looking for photos of past conventions
31 - Todd Huston organizing calendar and website 
32 - Rick S.aftery O.n S.ummits Column about hiking solo
33 - Fred Lobdell county highpointer column - Bob Packard has complete one third of the counties
34 - Roy Schweiker on County Highpoints of Vermont
35 - Phillip Hassrick's Climbing all 26 Beartooths
36 - You might be a highpointer if.... (contributions from the forum fromOliver Kozlowski, Mark V. Mohamed Ellozy, Mark S., Mike, Jim Sutton, John & Dave
40 - Jack Longacre's Motomto touring kayak is for sale; his property in Missouri is for sale for $85,000

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