Sioux City Journal article on 2015 Iowa Convention

The Sioux City Journal has an article in its March 14, 2016, talking about the Highpointers Convention in 2015 at Hawkeye Point. The article begins, “For the first time in years, a national convention came to Osceola County…”

KTIV Television Coverage of Highpointers Convention

KTIV News 4 Sioux City IA: News, Weather and Sports
KTIV in Souix City has a nice piece on the Highpointers Convention focusing in particular on the father daughter visit of Gary and Eleanor Szelc.

News Coverage of Highpointers Convention at Hawkeye Point

The of the 2015 Highpointers Convention at Hawkeye Point is being held this weekend (July 23-25) and it is getting a lot of coverage in the local media.

*KIWA Radio (interview with Osceola County Economic Development Director Mike Earll)
*Sioux City Journal (youtube interview with Mike Earll)
*KICD (interview with convention host Jim Sutton)

Hawkeye Point, Iowa Highpointers Convention Registration – July 24 and 25 2015

Hawkeye Point Mosaic
Welcome to Iowa 2015! Your host Jim Sutton, co-host Don Holmes, coordinator Nikki Hemphill and The Crew invite you to attend what we hope will be the largest convention in High-pointers Club history! We want you to make Convention #29 the #1 in attendance! To that end, we are planning a variety of events for the whole family, including some activities never seen or done before! Please start your planning now to join us next July. Here are some of the details:

Hawkeye Point: Request to Visit in Daylight and Note About New Campground Fees

Hawkeye Point Marker
David Covill got this note from Osceola County Economic Development Executive Director Kirk Grau requesting that visits to the highpoint be done in daylight hours since the house is rented and also noting that the new campground by the highpoint has opened and there is a fee for staying there.

Iowa Selected for 2015 Convention

Hawkeye Point in Iowa will host the 2015 convention. Hawkeye was nominated by Jim Sutton who hosted the 2007 convention at Timms Hill, Wisconsin. Jim’s presentation included some nifty hawkeye black and gold t-shirts.

Convention chairman Nikki Hemphill organized a very funny counterpoint getting her entire crew to raise papers urging South Dakota at the conclusion of Jim’s speech. Otherwise there was no opposition.

Welcome Hawkeye Point Caretakers Cody and Rachel Wills!

We were delighted to see that the Sterler residence at the extensively renovated Hawkeye Point is a residence again and we welcome Cody & Rachel Wills who are the official caretakers of the highpoint.

Mike Earll, Hawkeye Point Foundation Chairman, shared the above Powerpoint presentation with Iowa governor Terry E. Branstad in January. The Highpointers Foundation has been very active in helping with the renovations of the highpoint.

Osceola County Inks Deal to Buy Hawkeye Point

Osceola County has signed an agreement to buy 5 acres around the Hawkeye Point Iowa State highpoint.

Mrs. Sterler had earlier announced plans to donate 1.6 acres around the highpoint to the county. The new agreement will encompass the the house and grounds which will be used Ag Extension office, and possibly the Soil Conservation Board.


Merrill Sterler, Owner of Hawkeye Point (1930-2004)

Donna and Merrill Sterler on Hawkeye PointMerrill Sterler, owner of the Iowa highpoint and one of the kindest men on the planet, has passed.

Below is his obituary from

You can read an interview Roger Rowlett conducted with the Sterlers in August 2003.

You can express your opinions in the forum.


Other Privately Owned Highpoints

Indiana – Be careful about the kids and farm equipment.

Kansas – The owners have created a nice park. Be respectful!

Louisiana – You’re crossing private property as you walk past the church into the woods

Michigan – The highpoint is owned by Meade Paper. They have spent thousands of dollars to grade the road and want you to park by a pond about a half mile from the summit.

Mississippi – The highpoint is privately owned and there’s a cluster of antenna on the summit.

Nebraska – This privately owned highpoint is requesting $5 donations. They also do not wish you to hike across its fields to the Colorado-Wyoming-Nebraska Tri-State marker. Respect the buffalo!!!