Vandals Heavily Damage Mount Sunflower

We are heartbroken to see this story in the November 18, 2011, Hays, Kansas Daily News reporting on vandalism to Mount Sunflower in Kansas.

This is the worst vandalism we have ever seen on a summit. The Highpointers Foundation has been in contact with Ed and Cindy Harold, owners of Sunflower who have been very generous in permitting open access.

The article notes:

This time around, the Mount Sunflower sign was backed into and pulled apart, and they backed into the limestone sign, breaking it in half “My uncle had put that sign up,” Harold said, “commemorating my grandparents’ homesteading of the land.” Harold has since moved the limestone marker down to his residence and is trying to repair it, so it can be returned to its rightful spot. Ironically, he’s also breathing a sigh of relief. “They didn’t do any damage to the big sign the chamber of commerce paid for,” he said

The Hays Daily News article on Mount Sunflower

“The Hays Daily News” published an article on the Mount Sunflower’s Owners and Managers.

On top of Mount Sunflower
Published on -2/12/2010, 10:53 AM  (Originally published Aug, 28, 2008, in The Hays Daily News)


Mount Sunflower KS

Mount Sunflower KS

The article notes:  Mount Sunflower is located entirely on private ground, land owned by Ed Harold’s sister, Rae Marie Jones, BigFork, Mont. Harold manages the quarter-section of ground that includes the high point, along with other ground he either has enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program or grazes cattle on.


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