New Address for Black Mountain, Kentucky Waiver

UPDATE MAY 3, 2010 Penn Virginia has moved to a new location and changed its legal name. Please send the release to the new Penn Virginia. If you are sending to any other address than the one a 7 Sheridan Square, you sending it to the wrong address.

The summit of Black Mountain is private property and is surrounded coal mines.  Due to this, your visit requires a waiver.  You can now get it by downloading the file.


Email Upate: Geology of High Point, Clingmans Closures, Mitchell Update

Here is some important information about the upcoming Highpointers Konvention. Remember to add this to your “White List” if you have a spam filter so that you’ll be able to get more of the latest Highpointing updates. This is updated with a up more information about the New Jersey Highpoint.