Paul Zumwalt 1912-2004

Paul Zumwalt scattering Jakk Longacre's ashes on August 1, 2002, at Charles Mound, IllinoisPaul Zumwalt, state guidebook author, first winner of the Highpointers Club highest awards — the Vin Hoeman and Jakk Longacre, and definitive Highpointer friend passed on Dec. 20. You can sign condolences on the forum.

Following is the funeral arrangements and obituary information for Paul Zumwalt (provided by his daughter Judy Zumwalt) (more…)

Congratulations Newlyweds Newsletter Editor John Mitchler and Kath Dalsaso

Kathy Dalsaso Mitchler and Club Newsletter Editor John Mitchler show off the Club logo during a reception at their home in Golden, Colorado on Sunday, Oct. 3, following their wedding. (more…)

Interview with Diane and Charlie Winger

Diane and Charlie Winger at Winger Highpoint in ColoradoWhat was your first highpoint?

Our own Mt. Elbert here in Colorado was the first highpoint for each of us.

Why did you start highpointing?

Charlie: I started highpointing by accident, really. The first mountain I ever climbed was Mt. Elbert, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I originally conceived the idea of hiking to all the state highpoints in 1983, the year I first attempted Denali.

Diane: I really wanted to see more of the country. Until we started highpointing, I had only visited a few of the Western states, and had seen almost nothing of the rest of the country, other than from a window seat on a jet. It was a wonderful way to get out to places we may never have seen otherwise. Plus, hiking was involved, which we both enjoy. (more…)

Interview With Mary Maurer and George Vandersluis

[This interview by Roger Rowlett appeared in the 2nd Quarter Issue of Apex to Zenith]

It’s hard to imagine what the Highpointers Club would be like without the efforts of Mary Maurer and George Vandersluis who have teamed up to some of the hardest, unsung jobs in the past 10 years. (more…)