Highpointers Club e-Bulletin Poll…

Count Updates Via Voicemail or Text Messaging…


Leave your count changes, as well as address changes on the voice mail, or send via text messaging.  So far, this is working great!!!  Keep them coming. 

Just listen to the directions, don’t get excited (it’s just a recording) and give us your updates, reports, address changes, email changes, etc… 

If you think you didn’t get it right, just call us again.  Remember, text messages work very well too. 

***  (865) 660-0027 ***

This number WILL NOT be manned.  In the future, we hope to have highpoint information available also.


Highpointers Wanted… A Perfect Gift as Well!!!

Not a member and would like to join our group of fun seekers?  Join today, sign up a friend or relative.  Better yet… Join and sign up a friend and relative!!!

By joining you will have access to the annual “Conventions” which are held in one of the United States’ geographical areas each year.

These are the best “Face to Face” experience that you can have to get the most out of highpointing and travel.  There you’ll meet hundreds of new and very experience climbers and travelers that will help in your quest. 


Join the Club for Only $20/Year [Ed: $25/Year as of 2017]

You can join the Club for only $20/year (U.S. Memberships) and $25/year (Foreign Memberships) [Ed: $25/Year for everyone (US or foreign) as of 2017]. For that you get four quarterly newsletters a year. You can join with Paypal and your credit card. Just visit the membership application page.

The owners of Charles Mound, Illinois, require that you are a Club member (in order to eliminate problems caused by non-club members who abuse their property). [Ed: Not true as of 2008. Anyone can summit Charles Mound – but ONLY on specific open access dates].