Atlas Obscura Article on Club

Atlas Obscura has a nice article on the Club and its president Time Webb.

Connecticut Outdoors Article on Club
Connecticut Outdoors has a nice article “Reaching the Top of America” by Dirk Langefled that includes an interview with Club President Time Webb.

Tim Webb Receives Jack Longacre Award at Tennessee 2014 Convention

Tim Webb Jakk Longacre Award
Tim Webb was received the Jack Longacre Award, the highest award of the club, at the Tennessee 2014 convention. The nomination information is below:

Members in the News: John Niedermeier

Various publications are running a story about John Niedermeier completing all 50 highpoints.

President Tim Webb Interviewed in Alabama Search for Hiker

Our Club President Tim Webb was interviewed (about two minutes into the above video) in connection with a search for a missing hiker in Alabama. His comments are about 1:35 into the clip.

Aron Ralston and Tim Webb at National Emergency Number Association Convention

Aron Ralson and Tim Webb in 201150 Completer Aron Ralston (who was also the topic the 127 Hours film) and new Club President Tim Webb were recently at the National Emergency Number Association convention in Minnesota. Here’s some coverage and more coverage.