Merc Reopens

Bomber and Nena Brown are back from their summer vacation and the Merc has reopened.

Bomber writes:

The Merc is back in business under new management. As most of you know by now Nena and Bomber Brown have taken over the Merc.

We would like to thank several people for their help in the transfer of the Merc. First of we would like to thank Jean Trousdale (,other Merc) for all her hard work and having everything in good order for the transfer. She did an excellent job with the Merc and we hope to continue her good work. We would also like to thank Don Holmes for his help in getting bank accounts set up. Thanks to Roger Rowlett for all his hard work on the web site. Gary White has also been a great help in helping set up for the Konvention and hauling some of the items for the Konvention.

We would also like to thank the MacKay family (Jim, Elaine, Jimmy, Erin and Brendan) for all their hard work during the Maine Konvention. Elaine was mistaken for Bombers other wife by several club members. Thanks to the board members for your support. We are working very hard to restock the Merc after the Konvention. We are having some problems with the t-shirts. The previous maker will not send the things needed to remake all the -t-shirts. So be patient if you order t-shirts that are out of stock. We will be getting more very soon. Any suggestions for new items will be considered.

Feel free to contact us @ This is a picture of us on Mount Elbert CO, our highest highpoint so far. We have 42 highpoints together and still Klimbin!!


Nena and Bomber Brown

The photo is Nena and Bomber on Elbert.

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