The 750 Club

What is the 750 club? Is it the “750 weightlifting club”? No. Is it the “750 motor club”? No.

We are talking about the “7 summits” and the “50 states” club.

Any state highpointer can be a member of this club. And when you climb Denali, you get a two-fer – a “50 state” and a “7 summit”! You can join Highpointers Club members like Greg Slaydon and Reid Larson (3 of the “7 summits”) or Bob Packard and Charlie Winger (4 of the “7 summits”) who are trying to join The 750 Club. Club member David Keaton was the first person to join “The 750 Club” – he completed it in 1996! Other club members have joined “The 750 Club” including: Gerry Roach in 2006, Randy Peters in 2008 and Helmut Linzbichler in 2009.

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Continent Peak Elevation Country
Asia Mount Everest 29029 China/Nepal
South America Aconcagua 22838 Agrentina
North America Denali 20310 United States
Africa Kilimanjaro 19341 Tanzania
Europe * Elbrus 18510 Russia
  Mont Blanc 15781 France/Italy
Antartica Vinson Massif 16050 Antarctica
Australia-Oceania * Carstensz Pyramid 16024 Indonesia
  Mount Kosciuszko 7310 Australia

* Please read wikipedia’s “Seven Summits” article for details on how the continents are defined resulting in multiple versions of the “seven summits” list.

So which is the tallest mountain in the world? The obvious answer is Mount Everest. But it depends on how you measure. Do you measure from sea level (Mount Everest in Nepal/China), from the base of the sea floor (either Mauna Kea in Hawaii or Mount Lamlam in Guam) or from the center of the earth (Chimborazo in Ecuador). You can read either a Forbes article or a article for more details.

If you ever go on an African safari they will talk about the “Big 5” (elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and cape buffalo) as well as the “Little 5” (elephant shrew, ant lion, leopard tortoise, rhinoceros beetle, and buffalo weaver). Likewise, you can define the 750 club however you like. For example, with the “7 Volcanic Summits” or the “7 Second Summits“.