Achievement Awards

The Highpointers Club offers club members various awards (available through the Merc) for reaching specific achievements:

  • 5 state patch – climb any 5 highpoints
  • 25 state pin – climb any 25 highpoints
  • 30 state pin – climb 30 highpoints with 5 from each of the 4 regions
  • 40 state pin – climb any 40 highpoints
  • 48 state pin and/or plaque – climb all the Lower 48 contiguous highpoints
  • 50 state pin and/or plaque – climb all 50 highpoints

Jack Longacre, club founder, was frequently asked “How do I prove I’ve been to a highpoint“? In essence it’s the honor system – why lie?

A similar question is “What counts? Do I have to physically climb to the top of each highpoint”? It’s a valid question, especially since several highpoints are “drive ups”. It doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you reach the highest point.

The club tracks completers and maintains the “48 Finishers” and “50 Completers” lists. The lists are published every year in the Second Quarter issue of the “Apex to Zenith” newsletter as well as posted online.

Club members can email their summit dates to Terry Bird ( to receive recognition. When a club member becomes a “48 Finisher” or “50 Completer” they are invited to submit an article to the newsletter describing their accomplishment. We have a sample of these completer stories online. Current stories are part of the membership benefits.