50 Completers as of July 2018

The 50-completers list is updated every year and published in the “Apex to Zenith” Highpointers Club newsletter which is a membership benefit.

This data was compiled by John Mitchler and Terry Bird. Spreadsheet updates by Kathy Dalsaso. 

50 Completer List as of July 2018

2018 50 Completers
Rank Name 50 Date 50th State Newsletter Issue Rank 48

How many have become a 50-completer in your home state? [Hint, you can sort the table on the “50th State” column].

The top 5 states in which club members have become 50-completers are: Hawaii-73, Alaska-42, Montana-21, Wyoming-16 and Maine-16. No-one has become a 50-completer by summiting in Kansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia.

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