History of the Logo

By Ken Jones

In the early days of the Highpointers, I contacted Jack Longacre about whether there was a club logo and awards.

He said no.  I spent some time that summer designing a logo, which combines a blue sky (have we ever seen any other?) and a gently curving road/trail heading across a green field/plain toward a mountain (loosely based on Mt Rainier, because it was the right size and shape) on which is superimposed an outline of the contiguous United States.

The design is supposed to tie together images of the US, travel, and mountains.  I presented this proposed design to the Arizona conventioneers in 1988, and they approved it as the club logo.

There have been modified versions used at times over the past 12 years, including a modification of the mountain to look less recognizable and the addition of “AH” to represent Alaska and Hawaii.  I think the more realistic mountain looks better, and Alaska and Hawaii are left off the logo because (a) graphically they would unbalance the design, as do the initials, and (b) they’re really on there, only they’re located just off the edge of the design.

At the Missouri convention in 1999, the board determined that only the original logo would be used by the Highpointers.

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