Convention – NV 2020 – postponed to 2021

A message from Alan Ritter, President, regarding the Highpointers Konvention 2020

Due to the uncertainties surrounding the ongoing Corona virus pandemic (aka Covid-19) and in the interest of the health and safety of all of our members, the Board of Directors after discussion with, and concurrence from, the NV’21 Konvention organizers, voted (May 1, 2020) to defer the 2020 Nevada Convention until the summer of 2021 and further to move the 2021 Pennsylvania Convention to the summer of 2022.  This was not an easy decision but was the most appropriate way of dealing with the situation.  Watch the newsletter and web site for further information about the rescheduled dates for NV’21 and PA’22.  In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and (whenever you can), Keep Klimbin’!


Apex to Zenith fourth quarter (winter) 2019

Apex to Zenith Third Quarter (Fall) 2019

Convention – 2020 NV – Information & Registration Form

The Nevada 2020 Convention, by Eric Lichtenstein and Mick Dunn, Co-Hosts

Download a NV-20 registration form at this link:   Nevada 2020

 The official dates of the 2020″ Konvention ” will be Thursday July 23 through Saturday July 25, 2020. Click NV2020 Details for further information.


Apex to Zenith 2nd Quarter 2019

Apex to Zenith 1st Quarter 2019

Apex to Zenith 4th Quarter 2018

Eric has produced his second issue of A2Z, and is nearly back on a quarterly schedule.

Apex to Zenith 3rd Quarter 2018

The first issue prepared by Editor Eric Lichtenstein was distributed to Club members in December 2018. This issue follows twenty years of John Mitchler being Editor from 1998 to 2018. Jack Longacre was Editor from 1988 to 1998.

Kentucky – Improvements planned for Black Mountain

Announcement on Facebook, 11-19-18, by Stony Burk

“The following is a portion of an announcement made in Benham, KY on Oct. 18th. for a $2.55 million Abandoned Mine Lands Pilot Grant to restore and enhance the Portal 31 Exhibition Mine and create a scenic overlook and parking area at Black Mountain.
The Black Mountain portion of the project will create a new parking area with a scenic overlook, which will lead to a new walking trail that will take visitors to the overlook at the summit of Black Mountain – the highest natural point in Kentucky. A proposed 40-foot high observation tower will provide a scenic view of Kentucky and Virginia.
Several Highpointers and the Highpointers Foundation have been working with the folks in Harlan and Cumberland Counties to assist with improvements. The county now owns the existing tower at the summit and the proposed new tower is still in the planning stages but this is great news not only for tourism in the area but highpointers as well.”

North Dakota – Easement provides public access

Announcement posted on Facebook, 10-22-18, by Stony Burk:

The owners sign the easement document.

“Another highpoint secured for public access. For a few years now several Highpointers Club members working with the Highpointers Foundation have worked tirelessly to nurture a great relationship with the owners of White Butte and develop a permanent accessible easement to the summit. New signs were made and installed to alleviate some confusion over another family member’s adjacent property where he posted no trespassing signs along the section line.The old donation mailbox was replaced with a new iron ranger that securely accepts donations. The property was surveyed and alawyer was hired to draw up paperwork creating a 99 year easement lease guaranteeing public access to North Dakota’s state highpoint. Included in the agreement will be several future additional improvements to the ranch road that we currently have to walk on until the gate. Special thanks to highpointers Valerie Naylor and Dave Covill, and ranch owners, Daryle and Mary Dennis, for this accomplishment that will benefit future generations of highpointers.”